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12 steps to save $10,000 in a year [2023]

Save $10,000 in 12 months by following these simple savings ideas. We’ve compiled some of the best methods for you to reduce your spending and it won’t be long before your savings account has grown to $10,000!

What would you do with an extra $10,000? I guess ideas are flooding your thoughts right now! I am here to tell you that it is possible to avoid wasting this amount in just 12 months. It would take some self-discipline and stamina, but it can save you up to $10,000 in just 52 weeks. Just follow these good steps.

How to Save $10,000 in a Year

I’ll be honest, saving 5 figures in 12 months will take some dedication and focus. There are so many things that it can be tempting to spend your money on, and others that may be mandatory purchases.

These are probably the most useful ideas that work for me; I know they will help you too.

#1 Setting goals and finances

The first step will be to determine why you might be doing this. What is your ultimate goal? Put this somewhere seen. As the 12 months go by, you will be tempted to spend your savings. It pays to check in with your goals so that you stay focused and disciplined.

One part of setting your goals is establishing a price range. In an effort to save $10,000 in 12 months, you’ll need to invest about $834 in financial savings each month. Before you struggle to determine how you’ll attempt this, you want to establish a basic price range so you know where your money is going each week.

I have a number of sources to help you sort out a price range. As long as you have your price range in place, use the precise price range classes so you can see where you can cut back.

Many people find success using the money envelope system to reduce frivolous spending. If that works along with your thoughts too, create envelopes in your prevailing budget classes. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to save cash when you can have a plan in place.

Above all, an important factor is being able to see where all your money is going and where you can also make adjustments to avoid spending more money each week.

#2 Put all your change in financial savings

This next tip could get you $500 in a year without any extra effort. Every time you buy something, roll over to the nearest dollar and put the change directly into financial savings.

Some banks, like Bank of America, will do this automatically after you set it up. Talk to your financial institution and ask if they offer something like this.

If they don’t, use the money envelope system and then take your free change to the bank once a week (or month). You can also keep track of how much you spent in a checkbook register, and then make a change once a week. (That’s the old technique.)

Regardless of what you do, it’s pretty amazing how much you’ll save using this method.

coins in a jarcoins in a jar

#3 Pay yourself first

Another method to save $10,000 in a year is to make it your highest priority. Before you pay a single bill or spend any of your paycheck, put money into financial savings. Spend what’s left over after paying off your financial savings account.

If cash is tight, then this amount may be quite small at first. Make it a goal to accelerate how much you save with each paycheck.

money with a note that says "prioritize savings"money with a note that says "prioritize savings"

#4 Lower your down payment

After you can have a detailed price range arrangement, look really close to each expense. Look for methods that you will be able to in reducing.

Look for cheaper options for everything. Is there a less expensive cable possibility? How are you going to lower your electric bill? How about saving cash on your clothes every month?

This is the best option for buying a round of different auto insurance coverages or calling your current agent and asking them to replace your account with new discounts that you may qualify for.

There may even be some subscriptions you don’t normally use anymore. Reduce them until you meet your financial savings goal.

An easy way to review each invoice is to print the bank statement for the last month. Go through each transaction, highlight each invoice and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Can I negotiate for a higher rate?
  2. Can I store rounds for a higher fee?
  3. Can I cancel or reduce this expense completely?
table with 3 questions to ask yourself about expensestable with 3 questions to ask yourself about expenses

#5 Break the purpose down into achievable elements

If this starts to feel really overwhelming, break it down into smaller, more digestible items. Instead of looking at it like you want to save $10,000, break it down into quarterly, monthly, and even weekly goals.

The smaller the amount, the better it will feel like you are reaching! Seriously, do you know that in an effort to save $10,000 each year, that drops to $27.40 per day? By breaking down your goals, you’ll be amazed at how achievable they really are!

Usually, with big goals like this, it’s mostly about thoughts on matter. Discover a method to consider in your environment to meet this goal.

#6 Start an aspect hustle

If you’re going through all those steps and you know you’re still developing fast, maybe it’s time to start a short-lived skin hustle. What is an aspect hustle? It is a method to earn cash on the side. It’s like a part-time job, but you often do business from home and only for as long as you need the extra money.

Examples of aspect hustles include:

  • independent writing
  • Promotion of Crafts
  • Uber/Instacart
  • Dog Walking/Pet Sitting
  • Childcare

Discovering these jobs is easy with employers – you can join or Sittercity to promote their child care businesses!

If the thought of taking on a hustle look is overwhelming, just keep in mind that it’s only one season in your life. You shouldn’t preserve this hustle look perpetually. In fact, you can only tackle a side hustle for several months to accelerate you toward your $10,000 goal.

Keep in mind that you will have to keep track of how much money you make from your side business and pay taxes on the gains at the end of the year.

#7 Set spending priorities

Another method to reduce spending is to set priorities for all the things you will buy. really want this merchandise? As long as you make your financial savings account your top priority, it’s easier to say “no” to extra spending and stick to your goals.

Another thing that works is when you allow yourself some really useful purchases. Instead of a bunch of things that don’t mean much, if you only spend money on a bunch of really important things, they’ll mean more to you, and you won’t be tempted to spend money. on different topics.

By setting strict spending priorities, you’ll discover more cash in your price range each month to put into financial savings.

#8 Trade instead of Buy

Another way to save money on items you might buy is to look for swap gear in your space. You can also get along with other people from your loved ones or your friends.

You can trade gently used children’s clothing, children’s items, even household cooking/baking items you never use. Organize a group and start posting things like “anyone want this?” The more people participate, the more you’ll save!

#9 Save on meals

Consuming is dear. Prepare dinner at the residence and use leftovers in additional recipes. This pick will save you at least $100 per month (maybe a lot more!).

Every time you eat out less often, it makes it feel more special and fun! There are many methods to save cash at the grocery retailer. Here are simple ideas to help you save on groceries:

  • Make a meal plan and stick with it.
  • Buy vegetables and fruits that may be in season.
  • Skip the brand name foods. Buy the store model as an alternative.
  • Order your groceries online to help reduce impulse purchases.
  • Only go down the aisles where you need items.
  • Use money envelopes to help you stay on top of things.

Don’t forget to join a rebate app like Fetch Rewards or Ibotta to earn extra cash or play cards.

#10 Finance Nice Cash

Don’t cut just nice cash, which will result in burnout. Simply in the reduction of or discover low-cost/free ways to have fun.

That’s all part of giving yourself the grace and making sure you have the stamina not to waste the 12 months. If you try to reduce only all the money available, you will feel more stressed and have a negative outlook on your entire savings process.

Saving up to $10,000 should be a builder and fun! Give yourself a set amount of money that you will spend each month. You can even save this nice cash for several months and splurge on something big!

Keep in mind that life is about stability. It’s okay to cut again as long as you continue to allow yourself to benefit from the money you make.

#11 Set up passive income streams

What is a passive income? It is a source of income that generates additional income without much maintenance after the initial fix.

This seems like a dream come true, right?

An example of passive earnings is promoting on a blog. Another idea is to rent additional rooms on Airbnb.

Passive earnings take a bit of effort to set up initially, but they will continue to announce earnings, after which you can focus your time on other avenues of earnings.

#12 Continually readjust your finances

Lastly, don’t just set your price range and overlook it. Come back regularly and look at your price range to make any changes you want. Problems will crop up, like shocking medical or auto bills. Maybe you want to spend a little more on a gift for your partner. Regardless of the reason, this price range should be fluid and variable.

You’ll be more likely to stay within your price range (and crush your financial savings goal) when you already know you’re not stuck! If you find that you can save a lot more money, go back and tweak it.

budget and calculatorbudget and calculator

Look at your financial savings of $10,000 Purpose

When you’ve determined that saving $10,000 is definitely worth the effort and time, then you’ll definitely want a nice, visible method of monitoring your financial savings. Keeping track of your financial savings goal will not only keep you motivated, but it will even encourage your family and friends to set their own financial savings goal.

Take advantage of your free printable savings goal page below. Color one field each time you save $100. Save this free printable somewhere so you can look at it often!

final ideas

Every time you discover ways to save $10,000 in a year, you’ll realize it’s a lot easier than you might think! Make up your thoughts that you will move on. Create a plan with your loved ones and hold each other accountable. As long as you do that with help, you’ll be more likely to succeed!

If you have to go for a busy look, find something that fits naturally into your life and that you enjoy doing. With the following tips, you’ll achieve your savings goal and be able to plan for a bigger and better one.

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