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21 days lockdown in India – 5 ways to quarantine your home | Updated 2023

The global pandemic and nationwide lockdown have forced everyone to comply with home quarantine to ensure much-needed social distancing between people in the coming weeks. Indefinite alone time, limited resources, an overload of myth and fact, and the uncertainty of what is to come can leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Therefore, it is imperative for those of us working from home to make the most of this quarantine, away from the possibility of feeling anxious and towards the certainty of feeling hope for the days to come.

5 ways to do your quarantine during lockdown in India

So here are 5 proven ways to make the most of your quarantine during these trying times.

1. Be productive

You now save hours previously spent on travel and social commitments. Consider this gift of time an opportunity to shift your focus from the outside to the inside. Bring more productivity into your routine every day.

Get back to work that you’ve put off for a while, educate yourself, reorganize, pick up a new hobby, or return to your old one.

A positive attitude will help you deal with this critical time by keeping you stress-free.

2. Don’t overload yourself with information

Avoid overloading yourself with information about the ongoing pandemic. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet and only consult credible sources for information and symptom screening when necessary. Don’t bother with the free time on your hand, especially if you tend to think too much or are someone who googles everything.

Lockdown in India, quarantine at home, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR QUARANTINE

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3. Stick to a schedule

Working from home can sometimes cause you to fall into a lethargic lifestyle, making you unproductive and consequently feeling negative. Maintain a schedule around your sleep, your meals, and even your showers. Make time to exercise regularly and make an effort to dress up, even if you stay indoors. Also take care of the daily chores around the house.

Lockdown in India, quarantine at home, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR QUARANTINE

Sticking to a routine will keep you physically and mentally active. Also, it will be easier for you to return to the normal world once this is over.

This step is easier and extremely important for working parents with children. A routine not only helps working parents to get on with things around the house and at work, but also keeps children from getting restless.

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4. Clear the energy around you

Negative energies attract negative thoughts. Keep your environment organized and clean. A cluttered and untidy house generates negative energies that can lead to physiological and mental negativity in the people living in that household.

Lockdown in India, quarantine at home, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR QUARANTINE

Your bed must only be used for sleeping and not for eating or working. Use this kitchen table for dining and a dedicated desk for working. Do the dishes, put away the laundry and dust the dirty corners of the house.

5. Virtual socializing

You may be isolated, but you are definitely not alone! Being in home quarantine doesn’t mean you have to be socially isolated. Make it a habit to check in with your family and friends regularly. Doing this not only keeps your sanity and positivity, but the same goes for those you connect with. Remember, we’re all sailing in the same boat.

Lockdown in India, quarantine at home, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR QUARANTINE

This ritual of virtual socializing gives you something to look forward to every day and makes this entire journey of quarantine that much easier.

It’s important to realize that by staying home, you’re not losing control of the situation or giving in to the insecurities that come with it. What you are really doing is making a big contribution to “flattening” the curve of this outbreak and saving the world.

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