21 Varied Tips for Spending Time at Home with Kids

“Fortunately now the weather is good and that doesn’t happen to us in winter.”

This is how many parents (my husband and I included) sounded in March 2020 when the pandemic began. Okay, here we go again. And this time it’s cold outside and dark early: exhausting hours in the park are not an option. Block again (albeit light). This means for children: no swimming, no sports club, no ballet, no excursions, no zoo… and for us parents: How the hell do you entertain suckers in the cabin?

We have thought of this for you! here come ours 21 ideas for all parents with children from 5 years, that is, preschool and primary school children. Give it a try, you will definitely have much more relaxed and balanced children (nice side effect: the blessing of the whole family is much more stable).

1. Create Lego worlds

If there’s one thing we never get bored with, it’s Lego. During the lockdown, we stepped on the gas even more and created not only individual vehicles, but entire worlds of Lego. Instagram and Pinterest are full of crazy ideas.

Come on, we have plenty of time now to build something really cool!

2. Tour of the apartment

Great if your kids have bumblebees up their ass: just build a course. Jumping on the table, crawling under chairs, jumping on mattresses, walking down the aisle on one leg… It can vary endlessly until even the most active child is in awe.

3. Audiobooks for children

We make ourselves very comfortable, curl up on the sofa with cookies and tea and listen to imaginative or funny stories. You can listen to, for example, “Der wilde Räuber Donnerpups” over and over again, which is ridiculously funny.

4. Ball pool at home

The indoor virus-free version: blow up lots of balloons and fill a small room in your apartment with them. boy, ready If you have earmuffs lying around the house from a festival, put them on the little one beforehand, because they will make a loud bang when they jump on the balloons. Pro Tip: If you have playmats, place them on the floor and the little air balloon jump will land a little smoother.

5. In what role are we slipping today?

On 11.11. he dropped out this year. And if the carnival will take place in spring or how it will be carried out is unknown. The good thing is that kids don’t give a damn about that data. Dressing up and putting on makeup is always fun. You can find so much inspiration on YouTube and Instagram that the lockdown (at least in this aspect) could last forever.

6. “Mom, why…?” Do experiments!

Children are so curious. And that is a great gift. Sometimes, frankly, we adults don’t know the answers until we ask Google. There are many things you can test at home without having to set up a professional testing lab right away. For example, what to add to the water for a tomato to float. Or how you can pop a chocolate kiss with just your breath.

VII Day of the Professions

Ask your children: “What do you want to be?” and then plan the day around that. For example, build an airplane out of cardboard boxes for aspiring pilots, let the future teacher teach you the alphabet, the cook will serve you something delicious…

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