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3 Woodland Thrillers That Have It All

When it comes to books, there’s nothing like a well-groomed feeling of goosebumps! At least that’s how those bookworms who trust thrillers when they browse will see it. Especially in the dark season, reading material of this genre is in high demand. If you devour such a work in a (holiday) setting that is characterized by the forest, it increases the reading pleasure even more.

Thrillers playing in the woods – feeling of fear guaranteed!

But of course, no one has to live near the forest to be truly scared by the thrillers that take place in these dark realms. Dusk is plenty here, summer and winter, and the thought of deep, dark woods and nice goosebump-inducing showers presents itself.

Next, three corresponding books for friends of this category will be introduced.

“So Dark the Forest” by Michaela Kastel

“So dark the forest” is about children and young people who are detained in the forest. Yet not bound and gagged, but trapped in a seemingly normal daily rhythm. The main protagonists are Ronja and Jannik, who, like the other children living in the forest house, were once kidnapped. They are reported missing and have yet to be found by police and authorities deep in the woods. Circumstance that the kidnapper takes advantage of and constantly brings more children to the secluded place in the dark branches. When Ronja plans to escape one day and has almost reached the goal of freedom, there is a surprising twist that captivates the reader like the entire thriller.

The book was published by btbverlag / Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH

“Just You and Me” by Laure van Rensburg

Steven and Ellie, a college student and her professor, plan a loving weekend in a secluded vacation home surrounded by dark forests and beaches. Seclusion suits both of them, because for the unequal couple it is the first break in their relationship. There is no cell phone reception at the property and the nearest neighbors are far away. The frightening factor catches the reader very soon, because the couple has hardly reached the lonely love nest when the exciting events begin and the suspenseful moments follow one after another. The story is told from the alternate points of view of Ellie and Steven, in a style that takes your breath away and enhances the reading experience from page to page. Until the raw end…

The gripping thriller was published by Ullstein Verlag and was kindly made available to

There is also a bitter ending.

“In the dark, dark forest” by Ruth Ware.

This book is about the young author Nora, who one day is invited to a bachelorette party by an old school friend with whom we have long since lost contact. Here, too, the action takes place in a lonely house in the woods. The small group, five women and one man, entertain themselves with games and bits of spite, the shooting also embedded in the macabre program. And so it comes as it should come: the horror continues its course when one night the blood freezes in everyone’s veins.

Published by dtv editorial.

So if you can get some of the fascination of the forest and now feel like reading this exciting book, we wish you a wonderful reading pleasure!

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