5 First Date Ideas You Should Definitely Try

The choice of venue and also the question of what you do can have a significant influence on the mood of the date. Surprise your date with something special!

Going to a karaoke bar on a date

Almost every city has bars that regularly host karaoke nights. If you want to spend your first date here, you have the opportunity to quickly test if your crush likes to let go. Because when you do karaoke together, you are the center of attention.

Maybe your date is still a bit shy at first, then you can cheer her up with a glass of wine or a cocktail. If your date embarks on the karaoke adventure with you, it’s definitely a good sign that you’ve made a great choice with your flirting partner.

A date at a karaoke bar is also a great idea for anyone who initially finds it difficult to make small talk. When you choose the song you want to sing together, you will find quick topic of conversation, the same way when you listen to the other performances and rate the singing skills. In any case, a karaoke bar is not suitable as a meeting place for long and deep conversations.

Date idea: cook together

It is well known that love passes through the stomach. But cooking together is much more enjoyable than just eating together. Conjuring up a delicious meal for two is not only fun, it also provides a harmless and relaxed environment for your date.

They not only sit stiff across from each other in the restaurant, but are also active together. Unpleasant pauses in the conversation do not arise in the first place.because when it comes to handling ingredients and kitchen utensils, there is always something to talk about.

If they cook together, they also bond emotionally, because together they create a (hopefully) delicious menu. Also, show confidence when you invite your date over to your home and thus provide an intimate glimpse into your life.

Cook together and also the meal afterwards. sensual experience. With the right music and maybe even a few candles, a romantic atmosphere is quickly created. Make sure your apartment is tidy, because clutter and dust are an impediment to a date in your own four walls.

Find out what your crush likes to eat and, above all, what should not be on the menu. It’s better when you choose the recipe together. Then you can get the right wine for the menu as a surprise! After dinner, Date Night Boxes offer variety.

Go on a dating tour of an unknown city

Shared experiences create memories. So it makes sense to go on a sightseeing tour together. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a trip to Paris or Venice on the first date, but a little trip to a city you’ve both never been to. a lot of potential for interesting discussions and new impressions.

No one here has home court advantage and it is equally exciting for both to go on a voyage of discovery. Take a map and look for a city that has always interested you. The best thing is that the city is not too far, so that on the first date the subject of staying together in a hotel does not arise.


Don’t know where to take your date? ✨ We have 3 short trip ideas for you ♥

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Find out what great sights there are to discover. you can have one plan for your essentials create either You can also take a discovery tour spontaneously and move around the city drift.

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