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Celebrate Firstleaf’s birthday with 50% off your first box and one year of free shipping

The only thing better than opening a nice bottle of wine after a long week in the office is opening a bottle that’s been delivered right to your door. Firstleaf is one of us Favorite wine subscription services available in 2023, and if you sign up now you can save over $150 on your first year of membership.

To celebrate its seventh birthday, Firstleaf is offering new customers the opportunity to save heavily when using the promo code BIRTHDAY23 at checkout. With this coupon you save 50% on your first shipment, which contains six bottles and normally costs $90. Plus, you get free shipping for your entire first year of membership, saving you $120 over 12 months. This offer is only available until February 21st. So sign up beforehand if you want those savings.

We chose Firstleaf Favorite wine club for advanced, and it’s a great choice if you’re a wine drinker looking to expand your palate beyond your local liquor store. There’s a quiz to get a general sense of your tastes and preferences, and you can see and customize your choice of bottles before they ship. Prices start at $15 per bottle after your first shipment and can go up from there depending on your choices.

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