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Concept of how to use brackets and brackets

We explain what brackets are, what they are used for and how to type them on the computer. Also their differences with brackets and curly brackets.

On a panel, brackets are used to indicate pronunciation.
Parentheses are punctuation marks similar to brackets.

what are the brackets

Parentheses are a usage sign similar to parentheses that are used to add supplementary or additional information to the textand which are rectangular in shape (as opposed to the round ones in the brackets): [ ]. There is a variant of this sign known as the tortoiseshell, which has a distinctive variation in its shape:〔〕and has very specific uses.

Like other orthographic characters in Spanish, the square brackets are always used in pairsso that one begins and the other closes, leaving the supplementary text in the middle, without separating spaces between each parenthesis and the following and preceding syllable, as follows: [corchete]. If there is punctuation (such as a period) after the last parenthesis, no space is inserted after the closing parenthesis.

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Use of parentheses

The parentheses share their basic meaning with the parentheses, but they have much more specific uses, such as:

  • They allow the insertion of a subsection or explanatory text within a text that is already in brackets.. For example: “These last conflicts (the Battle of Boyacá [1819] and the Battle of Carabobo [1821]mainly) cemented the victory of the Independence Army in northern South America”.
  • They make it possible to include a kind of clarification in a text quotation or additional details not part of the original text to avoid confusion. For example: “…the ethics of [Federico] In any case, Nietzsche is undeniable.
  • They allow you to enter phrases and marks in a text quotationto indicate that there was a mistake in the original text or that the text has been changed for emphasis. For example: “…these events if they occur as predicted [sic] would be truly catastrophic” or “…a true one in that regard potential politically [énfasis añadido] through the civil war.
  • Like brackets allow them Tell the reader that part of a verbatim quote has been omitted. For example: “…the author’s garrulousness is remarkable […] and his judgment.
  • Allow, Use only the opening parenthesis and tell in a poem that one or more words belong to the previous line, but they didn’t fit on the page. For example:
    “and the stubborn rhythms drew closer,
    gather in the shadows and run away and
    (tomado de El libro de versos de José Asunción Silva)
  • Permiten, en la lingüística, distinguir una trascripción fonética del resto del texto académico. Por ejemplo: “…así como la palabra duende [d-wén-de]“.
  • Allow, point to a closed set or an interval in mathematics. For example: “I = [a,b]“.
  • Allow, denote lists or sequences in computer science. For example: “[9, 1, 5] is the sequence of numbers 915”.

Brackets, brackets and brackets

Developing an equation uses square brackets, curly brackets, and parentheses.
Parentheses, brackets, and curly brackets have different hierarchies in mathematics and in written texts.

In many ways the brackets []Parentheses () and braces {} serve exactly the same role within the text: to insert clarifications or additional comments separating them from the main text. In all three cases, the corresponding characters are used consistently, always with an opening and closing.

However, they are often used within a hierarchy, that is, within an organized set of levels, when there is a need to include a subsection within a subsection, and even a subsection within that last subsection. In these cases, Usually, brackets are used for the first level, square brackets for the second, and curly brackets for the thirdas follows: main text (first level subparagraph [inciso de segundo nivel {inciso de tercer nivel} inciso de segundo nivel] First level subsection) Body text.

For example: “Flies of the genus Muska (that is, ordinary flies [de nombre científico musca domestica {literalmente: “mosca doméstica”} en la clasificación de Linneo] that we see everywhere) can be important disease vectors.”

It is important in these cases that the reader can easily identify the four levels of the text without confusing the explanations with each other and with the main text.

How do I type brackets on the keyboard?

To enter parentheses using a Windows computer keyboard, press and Hold down the “Alt” key and type the number 91 (opening bracket) or the number 93 (closing bracket) on the numeric keypad. This is achieved with the ASCII code.

In other cases, the square bracket key appears on the keyboard, usually near the main “Enter” key. In these cases, just hold down the Shift key or the capital letters and press the keys that correspond to the opening and closing of the bracket.

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