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Coronavirus and pregnancy: Coronavirus affects pregnancy and newborns | Updated 2023

The first positive pregnancy test and the entire journey of pregnancy, however blissful it may be, brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions for the expectant parents. The ongoing outbreak of coronavirus and pregnancy around the world is only adding to the concerns of expectant parents.

With so little known about the coronavirus even now, it is particularly difficult to assess the risk it poses to pregnant women, unborn babies and newborns. Because of this, healthcare providers everywhere are developing strategies and plans to best manage healthcare and childbirth options for pregnant women with the information available.

Coronavirus and pregnancy

Researchers have yet to present evidence that pregnant women are more affected by the coronavirus than other adults their age. However, this research is still in its infancy and experts are closely monitoring new data every day.

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Coronavirus – precautions for pregnant women

Women who are pregnant tend to have lower immunity, making them more susceptible to infections and contagious diseases. According to medical professionals, anyone who is immunocompromised (people with a weak or compromised immune system) is at risk from the coronavirus. For this reason, it is reasonable to consider pregnant women a high-risk group for COVID-19.

The standard measures, including social distancing, washing hands and not touching your face, that are in place for people in general to stay safe are also the coronavirus precautions for pregnant women. However, some health professionals advise pregnant women to take some extra steps to stay safe, such as: B. avoiding public spaces and wearing a mask outside the home. It is also possible for pregnant women to avoid unnecessary hospital visits regular health checksparticularly during this lockdown period by turning to phone/video consultations with their gynaecologist.

Coronavirus and Pregnancy, Coronavirus affects pregnancy and newborns

Coronavirus and Pregnancy, Coronavirus affects pregnancy and newborns

If you are pregnant and have symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever and cough, that have not improved after 7 days, contact your doctor and get tested for COVID-19 in your city to take immediate action . This is important to protect you and your unborn child.

Coronavirus – change in birth plan for pregnant women

With the birth plan for pregnant women, you must expect a limit on the number of people who can accompany the expectant mother during the birth and to the hospital after the birth.

Contact your doctor to learn about the regulations at their healthcare facility.

Coronavirus – protecting newborns when the mother is exposed to the coronavirus

Understanding how to protect a newborn when the mother confirms or suspects COVID-19 is of paramount importance. The mother may not be at a higher risk of coronavirus compared to adults of the same age, but it is important not to expose the newborn to the infection.

A newborn baby has tested positive for COVID-19 in London, whose mother has also tested positive for the infection. However, it is not known whether the baby contracted it in utero or during delivery.

While there is no absolute evidence that the coronavirus can be spread in the womb, during childbirth, or through breastfeeding, it is safe to say that transmission is possible when the mother and newborn are in close contact after birth be in contact. With this in mind, the hospital may decide to maintain a physical distance between the newborn and the mother, who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

In such a scenario, the mother may be asked to breastfeed with a mask and follow proper hygiene protocols or to use a breast pump while maintaining proper pumping hygiene. However, it is advisable that mothers discuss the risks associated with direct breastfeeding with their doctor before making a decision.

Corona virus & pregnant women – conclusion

Due to limited knowledge and evidence, it is difficult to accurately assess the true impact of COVID-19 on pregnant women, new mothers and their babies, both medically and financially. The best way to deal with the unknown is to be alert at every step of this journey and take as much caution as possible – Social distancing and good hygiene play an important role in this.

Just as the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a village to protect an expectant or young mother and her baby. This can be achieved by ensuring the safety and health of you and those around you.

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