Current trends that you can safely forget about!

New year, new luck: no one will ever hear this hackneyed saying again…! And yet, the media is full of articles about how singles will soon find their loved ones in 2023. When it comes to finding a partner, dating and getting to know each other, advice, experiences and trends aimed at singles are published every day. . But you should take a closer look at the trends, because a lot of what is released can be easily forgotten.

For example, the tip of the portal Here, keeping a crystal on a date is known as a “dating trick”, which suggests that having such a piece in your luggage could help the date.

Find a more successful partner if you have a crystal in your pocket?

It is written that stones (of course!) cannot work miracles, but there is a strong focus on the success of a date with crystals, quote:

“(…) You have set yourself the intention to find true love in 2023, do you want to meet again after the holidays or are you very thirsty after a hot date? So from now on you should always carry a crystal with you to your respective meeting. The small stones can, for example, be easily and discreetly placed in a handbag, handbag or even a trouser pocket, but you can of course also carry the talisman with you as a piece of jewelry. The important thing is to choose the right glass. Each stone is attributed a special energy and effect, and some of them are ideal for bringing new harmony to your love life or attracting new dates. (…)”

The online edition of BILD der FRAU evokes another trend. Namely, the fact that singles are increasingly looking towards a long-distance relationship. A very bold announcement, because one look at the many forums on the web dealing with love, dating, dating and relationships shows that long distance relationships are NOT an option for many single people right now.

On the web, many people mention long distance relationship problems.

The internet seems to be full of testimonials from people writing about long distance relationship problems.

In this regard, the media report seems a bit biased when, among other things, the following is written:

“(…) The pandemic is practically behind us, so traveling and exploring the world is finally picking up. This has become even easier as many companies allow the home office and with it the freedom to work from anywhere. As a result, singles are taking long-distance relationships more seriously than ever before. (…)”

The third trend, which is currently supposed to be hot for singles, comes from Regarding the dating trends of the new year, it is said that appearance should not be so important anymore.


“(…) What was important to people in 2023 in terms of potential partners is obviously much less evident in the external aspects than in 2022: more than a third of respondents (38 percent) are now more open to people who don’t really match their type on the outside. 28 percent care less about whether they are dating than is expected, so to speak. Even more: 63 percent want to go for emotional maturity in the future and no longer for physical appearance.(…)”

This message is in stark contrast to all the writers on internet forums complaining that digital flirting no longer reports after you’ve posted an image.

Pictures are very important to many singles who are dating online.

The fact that the dating app Tinder, where the search works exclusively through photos of singles (or those who pretend to be singles…), is so successful also says a lot. And not because optics do not play a role at all.

Which does NOT explicitly mean that you (WOMAN) should only trust external things and therefore often superficial things. Not at all. However, one should not, especially as a seeker, be fooled into believing that the outside hardly plays a role anymore.

Anyone who is realistic is spared some disappointment.

For example, if you are a single woman who is blonde and you meet a man who actually prefers dark-haired men and therefore may not be in contact anymore or only sparingly, you might be disappointed if you take those “trends” seriously.

Therefore: you can safely forget about most of the advice propagated daily about dating, getting to know each other, singles, love and companionship. It is better to consume such news in moderation and not take the whole thing to heart!

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Image: Andrea Piacquadio

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