Do you have a turbulent personality? 8 signs to watch out for

Are you hardworking, goal oriented and optimistic? Are you constantly reaching new milestones and inspiring others along the way? Then maybe you could have a “turbulent personality”. Read on to find out if you’re showing signs of a troubled personality.

What is a turbulent personality?

The turbulent personality and its direct opposite, the assertive personality, are personality traits that affect our confidence, ability, and decision-making ability. Troubled personalities are often perfectionists and struggle to prove themselves.

Troubled people are:

  • Always focused on personal improvement.

However, people with turbulent personality traits are prone to anxiety disorders, depression, impulsiveness, anger, vulnerability, and insecurity. Although they are sensitive, they balance these negative traits through personal development and the achievement of new goals.

Despite carrying the burden of low self-esteem and doubts, people with troubled personalities are very detailed and prefer to solve small problems immediately before they become big obstacles.

They are always motivated to do more and are always looking for problems to solve. As a result, they often look for negative results in positive situations. Although it may seem that they have a pessimistic view of life, these people are usually very optimistic.

Turbulent Personality Types are alert and affectionate, perfectly balancing their anxiety and worry with positive, purposeful actions to prove their own worth. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude can also inspire and give hope to others.

However, if this enthusiastic energy is not managed properly, it can leave others feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed, and belittled. Troubled personalities can become better leaders by showing empathy along with optimism.

8 signs of a turbulent personality

Do you have a turbulent personality now? These are some of the most common signs that you have a troubled personality.

1. You are a perfectionist

If you have turbulent personality traits, you are always driven to do more, achieve more, and be more. You always strive to be better and to be perfect in everything. While this can help you constantly improve, it can also lead to frustration and burnout in the long run, as we all know perfection doesn’t exist. When you push your limits every day and refuse to conform, you find it hard to control your emotions.

Because troubled people cannot live in the moment or be grateful and content with what they already have, they are rarely happy in life. Perfectionism is undoubtedly one of the clearest signs of a turbulent personality.

2. You are sensitive

Because he is overly sensitive to his surroundings, he tends to be very anxious. This sensitivity makes you susceptible to the spotlight effect, which causes you to overestimate how much others are paying attention or watching you. You may feel uncomfortable and worried because you think that everyone is judging you.

You also constantly think about what problems can arise in each situation and therefore miss the positive aspects of the moment. However, due to your high level of sensitivity, you pay attention to every little detail that others may not notice.

3. You think too much

Excessive brooding and worry are an automatic part of a turbulent personality. You are constantly worried about something, something you said or how someone acted towards you. Analyzing people and situations is a full-time job that you take very seriously. Turbulent people think about every little detail, which creates more stress.

You also care about your goals and abilities, no matter how many obstacles you’ve overcome or what you’ve accomplished. But because you constantly worry about everything and anticipate the worst possible outcome for every scenario, you’re never truly disappointed when you fail. You focus more on mistakes and learn from them and do better next time.

4. You focus on details

Focusing on the smallest details happens by itself. And through this attention to detail, you have the ability to do things in the best possible way. This ability makes turbulent personalities great leaders and mentors because their way of working is admirable. But it can also become a source of stress, as worrying about every little detail can take a toll on your mental health over time.

5. You are never satisfied

People with a turbulent personality and behavior are often dissatisfied with their achievements, skills, relationships, and life. You constantly think that you need more to be happy, you want more and you want to be more, and this leads to dissatisfaction. As a perfectionist, you are rarely satisfied with your achievements because they simply don’t meet your standards of perfection.

Troubled personalities often feel drained by their lack of contentment. But that dissatisfaction serves as motivation to improve your skills and master your areas of interest.

6. You are motivated by success

People with troubled personalities are always focused on achieving their goals because their self-esteem and self-worth are tied to their successes. You believe that others will only love, appreciate and respect you if you are successful. You take your career seriously and always do your best, be it at work, in your personal life, or in relationships.

7. You doubt yourself

People with troubled personalities are plagued with doubts. They repeatedly compare their abilities and achievements with those of others, cannot accept criticism, are often pessimistic and overly self-aware of themselves and their problems. Because they don’t believe they deserve the success they’ve achieved, they suffer from impostor syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which successful people doubt themselves and believe that… “a cheater” be.

You minimize your achievements, even when you have worked very hard for them. You feel that you do not deserve praise and recognition. You are afraid that one day people will realize that you are not as talented as you thought and that they will take away all your achievements.

8. You have a positive attitude

One of the best things about having a turbulent personality is your endless optimism. You are positive and optimistic about everything and believe that all challenges can be overcome with determination, commitment, and hard work. You believe that there are no problems that cannot be solved, and that contagious optimism makes you a great motivational leader.

Sometimes is “turbulent” be “good”.

Having a troubled personality can be a real blessing. People with these personality traits are hardworking, focused, considerate, and introspective.

However, they still suffer from self-doubt, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence. And maybe that’s their superpower: what drives them to do more and achieve more than others.

Turbulent personalities are very optimistic and are determined to achieve their goals by overcoming all obstacles. They love to solve problems, whether for themselves or their loved ones, and are very circumspect in their approach to life.

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