Does egg donation have any side effects?

It must be taken into account that the egg donation process or Egg donation is a complex process in which the ovaries and the hormones of the woman are stimulated. In principle, however, it is not true that the Egg donation has side effectsat least of an important nature.

What you should know about egg donation

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Side effects of egg donation

If you have met the requirements for egg donation, congratulations! You can already help some couples who cannot conceive naturally. But under these circumstances, it is very likely that you are wondering whether the egg donation has side effectsWell, sometimes the egg donation process can lead to this Appearance of the next menstruation is disturbeda situation that normalizes in the following cycles.

Besides other the Side Effects of Egg Donation These are: mood swings, slight swelling in the abdominal area, heavy legs, tiredness or vaginal dryness. It is common for donors who have exceeded requirements to experience a temporary a slight increase in body volume due to fluid retention, similar to that produced during menstruation. These symptoms are completely normal and temporary as they start a few days after the start of hormone treatment and also end a few days after egg retrieval. On the other hand, the Follicular puncture does not involve any risks specifically beyond that of anesthesia.

Finally, it is important to mention that it is possible to suffer ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS as a direct result of the drugs used in this treatment. OHSS can cause, among other things: headache, dizziness, weakness, acute abdominal pain or increased ovarian volume. In case you suspect you have them ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or any other change resulting from treatment, it is common practice to interrupt the cycle and resume it later.


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