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wanted: When did online dating really get so exhausting?

The desired podcast gives guest experts, celebrities, strong women, and other guests the opportunity to present their views on the topics of self-love, relationships, and role models. In the 50th episode of the podcast, we go together Psychologist Pia Kabitzsch the question of when did online dating really get that exhausting.

Ghosting, choice overload effect and other online dating phenomena now seem unthinkable, while the classic butterflies in the stomach should not serve as an indicator of great love from a psychological and medical point of view. But why?

An exciting podcast episode that not only illuminates, but also makes it clear that you are rarely alone with a lot.

Episode released on: July 08, 2022
44 minutes
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Now let’s talk for real! How does healthy dating work?

In the current episode of Jolie’s podcast, singles coach and couples therapist Eric Hegmann gets to the bottom of the dangers of online dating. Ghosting, benching, breadcrumbing: phenomena that are now almost an integral part of the search for digital partners. But how should you deal with it, or how can you even actively counter it?

With a lot of professionalism and a lot of empathy, answers to central questions about online dating can be found here, combined with advice for interpersonal interaction and psychological background knowledge.

Sputnik Pride: CSD between field and farm: this is how Dorfpride works!

There are queer people everywhere, even in town! In their new podcast episode, Kai Witvrouwen and Robin Solf tackle the subject of rarity on the pitch. While festival days and demonstrations like Christopher Street Day (CSD) are established events in big cities, there seems to be plenty going on in rural areas. But what must be taken into account and to what extent can each individual contribute to widely disseminate the respective urban movements?

Packed with hints and tips, the podcast encourages you to rethink your own behavior patterns and gradually establish new ones.

I never: Solo sex with Jonas Ems

On Amorelie’s “I’ve Never Been” Sex Podcast, friends Vicky and Jenni take on a monthly challenge to add something new to their previous sex lives. But not only personal challenges find their space for discussion in the podcast, supposed taboo topics and everything that has to do with the subject of sex are taken up again.

In the current episode, Vicky talks to content creator Jonas Ems about solo sex, because how do you really masturbate? As experts in their own bodies, they approach routines, visual stimuli, and social narratives. An open and unbridled podcast that, according to her own statements, aims to encourage participation.

love sex – oh yeah: Love Languages ​​- Is sex a love language?

Fluid communication with your partner is usually difficult in some relationships; even if they speak the same language, comprehension problems arise. The deciding factor here is the psychological concept “The 5 Love Languages”, which is the focus of the current podcast episode by Annabell Neuhof and Yared Dibaba. The guest is expert couples therapist Dr. Sharon Brehm. Together they talk about classic communication problems in relationships, different love languages, and tips on how to best work on them together.

In a humorous and close way, questions are answered and incentives are created that revolve around the themes of love and sex. It’s worth listening to!

Wine Wednesday: the five love languages

On their Wine Wednesday podcast, two friends Janina and Alina tackle all things growing up, including friendships, love and relationships.

Episode 67 is also about the five love languages. Combined with personal experiences, they speak openly about how severe differences in love language can lead to separation, while an accurate examination of a couple’s love language promotes the strengthening of the relationship. Two young women who, combined with their own experiences, report on life and thus allow the public to participate openly.

4 breasts for a hallelujah: Sniffing: Everything arrives as it has to be

Between self-love, married life and mental health, Paula Lambert and Sophia Thiel talk about everything that is in their hearts. And despite an age difference of around 20 years, this seems to be very similar for the two powerful women.

The podcast “4 breasts for a hallelujah” as a place of well-being and relaxed exchange between women describes the mutual sniffing of the two as part of the pilot episode. From the previous career to the inner safe space to situations where you no longer understand the world, once everything you need to know.

WORLD. The love thing: Ghosting: how patients overcome pain

As part of WELT’s “The Love Matter” podcast, singles and couples consultants Anna Peinelt and Christian Thiel want to clear up common myths about love and let the facts do the talking.

“Sudden Radio Silence”: The focus of the June 20 episode is the phenomenon of ghost dating and how those affected can best deal with it. What does such rejection do to oneself and how do you process and overcome the pain? First of all: we must never make our self-esteem depend on relationships with other people.

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