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School teachers point out that many younger students have no cognitive interest in answering questions that arise during the learning process. Therefore, project activities are the most productive way to develop and promote information retrieval skills. Doing a project by a student also contributes to the development of parent-child relationships.

Create a school project
Create a school project


Step 1

The project can be done individually or in pairs or with a group of students. For its creation, a specific time is allotted, during which it is necessary to solve a specific problem beyond the academic discipline’s scope. The result of the search activity and the analysis of the data obtained can be a wall newspaper, presentation, caricature, exhibition, illustrated book, map of the area, etc.

Step 2

Regardless of subject matter and form, any school project can be done in 4 stages: preparatory, indicative, organizational, and productive.

Step 3

preparatory phase

First, choose a research topic and develop it. Choosing subjects that intrigue and arouse an involuntary interest in the student is crucial—the more limited the research topic, the better. Then the topic of “Folk Art” will be too vast – a student will not be able to understand the expanse even with the help of his parents. For example, be a more specific topic, “People’s crafts in Arkhangelsk.”

Step 4

indicative phase

Define the goals and objectives of the research. The student must know what he is designing and why. In the same theme, “People’s crafts in Arkhangelsk,” the goal can be – to show that crafts are not forgotten today. The objectives of the research will therefore be:

– study information about folk crafts in Arkhangelsk;

– identify the characteristic features of Arkhangelsk crafts.

step 5

organizational phase

The most incredible amount of work is evident at this stage. First, you need to prepare a work plan and collect all the necessary information from various sources: films on the topic, books, observations, Internet resources, interviews, etc. During the work, the student briefly studies the topic’s history and identifies interesting, little-known facts that the student can then share with others. This piques their interest in working on the project.

Step 6

work registration

This is a productive phase. The student writes the work together with his classmates and, with the help of his parents, prepares for the defense and any questions. The design should be as visual as possible, with illustrations, presentations, etc. Of course, parenting is essential, but the student must do all the work to present his project successfully.

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