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Not everyone can follow a higher or additional education at an educational institution. This applies primarily to young mothers, working adolescents, people with disabilities, and people caring for the sick and elderly. In the modern world, distance education has come to the rescue.

Benefits of Distance Learning
Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning has some advantages:
1. Lack of location. You can study anywhere if you have the internet.
2. Distance learning is cheaper
3. Video lectures can be listened to, replayed, or paused to listen to later.
4. It is easier to become a listener than to go to university as the number of students is not limited by the size of the audience.
5. Distance learning uses modern multimedia technologies that facilitate understanding the material.
6. The choice of distance learning courses is much more comprehensive, and you can study anywhere at the university of the capital. Now distance learning is offered by Moscow State University, MGIMO, IBDA, and many other universities. On the Uniweb website, you can, among other things, choose free education programs from leading universities. Also, some universities offer free trial lessons.
7. No one will distract you. The teaching team does not always positively affect learning, and the classrooms are often not very comfortable. With distance learning, you can organize a study place that is pleasant for you.
It is important to remember that, even though the program is individual, you will still need to listen to lectures, complete and submit assignments for assessment, and practice self-discipline. But, on the other hand, you will be able to gain knowledge reasonably quickly, which is not always possible through full-time or part-time study. And a certificate or diploma that you receive after completing all assignments is a confirmation of your professionalism.

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