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Distance learning is a relatively new form of education at a higher education institution, widespread abroad and in Russia. It allows you to obtain a higher education diploma without work interruptions and unnecessary material costs. The most incredible difficulty lies in the right choice of a suitable university.

Choosing a university for distance learning
Choosing a university for distance learning


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Step 1

It is necessary to determine the specialty you want to enroll in and the cost of training in this specialty. The price of remote training is significantly lower than that of full-time and part-time departments. Can consider the interest price is mainly from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles per semester. On the other hand, training in technical specialties can be more expensive. It all depends on the university.

Step 2

Can consider the specialty of interest in state and commercial educational institutions. There is a misconception that education in commercial universities is at a lower level than in-state universities, but this is often not the case, and a commercial university produces more competent specialists. This is because a state university is required to adhere to a particular framework, which includes studying a large number of general subjects. In a commercial university, the emphasis is on specific issues, which allows for more study—of different aspects of his specialty. So you should not pay much attention to this. 

Step 3

When choosing a university, make sure it is accredited and licensed. This information is required by law to be posted on the university’s website.

Step 4

It is necessary to find out in what year the university was founded. The earlier the founding date, the better, as this indicates that the university has passed multiple checks, which have not served as grounds for closure. This information must also be available on the site.

step 5

It is also necessary to read reviews about the university on the internet but not on the university website as the administration publishes information on the website. Therefore all the reviews will be good. It is necessary to find a forum where the university is discussed. Ask for answers that interest people who have graduated from this institution. But reviews are not the best source as everyone’s opinion is subjective.

Step 6

Also, find out when an open house is being held at the university, and find out as much as you can about the major you are interested in. If this is not possible, such information is needed on the university website. Are there also phone numbers, e-mail, and other resources through which you can ask your questions. 

Step 7

If the university suits you, you can apply. You can do this by e-mail or registered mail. You must also pay the tuition fees at the bank and send a proof of payment to the university by e-mail.

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