Distance learning in higher education institutions | Education 2022

Distance learning is one of the new forms of education currently practiced in higher education institutions. The training is delivered through a conference using the Skype program, making it possible to listen to lectures without leaving the house.

Distance learning in higher education institutions
Distance learning in higher education institutions

Of course, there is no free distance learning in the Russian Federation. This method is generally used by people who want to pursue a second higher education or students who work full-time to pay the tuition fees. But during the session, all distance learning students are required to appear at the educational institution to pass the exam disciplines. Such procedures are not performed on the Internet.
Like all applicants, people who want to take a distance course must pass entrance exams. At present, this particular form of training applies to humanitarian professions. For example, medical schools do not study by letter or remotely because the health profession is so complex that, according to many experts, it is simply impossible to check outside the walls of an educational institution.
Distance learning is therefore not applicable to all academic disciplines. However, many students who chose this teaching method noted that this type of training significantly saves time but does not decrease academic achievement.
In addition, another advantage of such a course is obtaining the same diploma as with a full-time or part-time study. There is no difference in the document. In addition, distance learning allows many students to simulate their time and manage the workload of their schedule. This gave today’s young people the opportunity to combine education and work.
Previously, students only had the opportunity to earn extra money while receiving the minimum wage for their work. Now, from the start of their studies, many students aspire to get a decent job and build their careers regardless of the higher education study process.
Distance learning is an excellent opportunity for those who want to permanently combine the learning process with promotion and employment.

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