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As a modern and cheaper form of education, distance learning is gaining momentum. Depending on the organizer, it can be business, university, or personal. Any teacher or trainer can expand the audience through the organization of distance learning. In this case, authentic teaching experience will be significant, but you will need to develop specific ones. Organizing training takes about three months, depending on your financial and technical capabilities.

How to organize distance learning?
How to organize distance learning?

It is needed

  • distance learning system
  • course promotion means:


Step 1

Create and carefully elaborate the content of the distance course. It is essential to give an excellent visual presentation of the fabric. Set goals, form modules (blocks) for presenting material and problematic tasks (questions), and conclude each module. Make sure to alternate between theory and practice. Make the text so that it is presented concisely and understandably, the structure is logical, and the location is suitable for visual perception.

Step 2

Think about the organization of joint activities of the teacher and students. This question is the most important one, as e-learning and distance learning concepts primarily encompass the coordinated action of a teacher and a student, albeit at a distance from each other. This activity is aimed at mastering new information, i.e., about the content of the training, and the types may be different: webinars, responses to messages or events, personal messages, etc. In addition, distance learning is aimed at adult learning, and you must take into account this specificity.

Step 3

Pay attention to the system with which you will conduct the training. Can compare it to a virtual classroom, which has prerequisites for loading the course, interactive communication with students, and managing their learning. Here you can use free or rented distance learning systems and customize them to your needs, or buy paid plans customized for you by the developer. In the system, a learning environment is created employing content filling: you upload your presentations and documents but also create forums, blogs, tests, and links to additional resources.

Step 4

Organize the promotion of your distance course or advertising. Elena Tikhomirova, an expert on the portal, recommends creating an advertising mailing list for your contacts and a thematic blog on the topic of your course. By realizing the idea of ​​promotion through benefit, the blog is informative (helpful) to readers and builds their confidence in you and your practice.

Step 5

Complete the groups. If you are organizing your distance learning, then the optimal number of people in the first group will not be more than 10. If you have a team of trained specialists, consider the level of the training program and your potential capabilities (personnel, technical, organizational, etc.


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