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Many psychologists agree that there is no need to teach a child for various reasons.

Should I teach with my child?
Should I teach with my child?

1. You don’t need to teach your child for school. It will discourage him from learning. In children, the psyche is organized so that they require educational activity at the age of 6-7 years. If you start earlier, when the child is not ready yet, and his main activity is play, he doesn’t like school. Learning activity is closely related to attention. And if the child has to make great efforts to focus on completing the tasks, he will lose interest in them.

2. In the first grade, the help of parents is needed, not to finish the lessons but to organize the adjustment process at school: together with the child, make a daily schedule; help in choosing comfortable clothes and shoes; create a comfortable workplace at home, etc.

3. At the start of the second grade, about two months, help is needed again. After the summer holidays, the child experiences learning difficulties. Children’s motor skills have not yet consolidated their writing skills, and the psyche is not yet fully involved in the educational process.

Unfortunately, the individualization of students has only recently begun in Russian schools, but now there is still a “match” that does not take into account the psychophysiological characteristics of children. 4. All children are different. Some children learn quickly at school, and others need time. Parents also don’t take it into account. They compare their son with others and make hell for him at home.

5. If a child lags behind other children in school and teachers demand that parents study with him more at home, it is better to transfer him to another program that matches his development or another school. You cannot put the aspirations of an adult above the health of a child.

6. Many parents instill a desire in their children to study for a good grade. These children do not learn through knowledge, and for them, a bad degree is serious stress that affects their health. They will develop serious psychological problems associated with dependence on someone else’s opinion in the future.

7. Parents should always be on the side of the child. This does not mean that they should conflict with the school’s teaching staff. It means they should have sympathy for the child and his characteristics and create conditions for his successful development and socialization.

8. Unfortunately, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is now widespread. Parents do not always know that a child has this disease. Parents torment the child with lessons, not realizing that it is difficult for him to concentrate due to the high level of activity of neural processes. It is very difficult for children with ADHD to learn, but it can treat it

. To understand what is happening to the child, you need to visit a neurologist.

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