How to become a dentist | Education 2022

The profession of dentistry today is one of the most prestigious. The dentist must have medical knowledge and special skills. You can master the intricacies of dental work in a medical school, but to truly become a top-notch doctor, you need to have a calling and constantly improve.

How do you become a dentist?
How do you become a dentist?


Step 1

Before becoming a dentist, you need to gather knowledge of medicine. Therefore, a secondary particular education diploma is welcome when entering a university, especially a red certificate. Consequently, it is advisable to start studying at a medical university. Furthermore, the specialized secondary education, in addition to the advantages of the entrance exams, makes it possible to study in the evening department of the medical institute.

Step 2

If you enroll in medical school, prepare for chemistry, biology, and Russian exams. First, please find out the conditions of admission to the university according to the exam results; each educational institution has its own rules for admission of applicants. Then, pass the entrance exams and wait for registration for one course. 

Step 3

In the first years, you receive a fundamental education in the basic disciplines: mathematics, chemistry, physics, and Latin. In addition, one basic program is provided for all university medical faculties.

Step 4

Carefully study particular medicine from 2-3 courses. Reinforce theoretical knowledge with practice in hospitals in the role of nursing staff.

Step 5

In your final years, attend a medical practice in a dental clinic under the supervision of a doctor. In the fifth year, determine the direction of dentistry in which you will work in the future, and choose a graduate department.

Step 6

After five years of study at the university, you will receive a diploma without the right to practical activities. This document indicates that you have mastered theoretical knowledge. Request a referral to an internship at the dean’s office.

Step 7

Get hands-on training in a dental clinic-based internship under the guidance of qualified professionals. After one year, you will receive a certificate based on which you can treat people as a general dentist. 

Step 8

To become a specialist in one of the fields of dentistry, for example, periodontics or orthopedics, you must register for a residency. A residency degree is also required for dentists who plan to pursue an administrative career and become chief physicians or department heads.

Step 9

If you are leaning toward a scientific career, continue your studies in graduate school and then in doctoral studies. As a result, you need more than 7-10 years to become a dentist, and you must study while working on refresher courses.

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