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To get a degree that entitles you to practice medical activities, you must study in institutes and universities. Medical higher education institutions accept candidates for secondary education. Nevertheless, persons who have obtained a diploma in secondary special education have the pre-emptive right to study in the chosen specialty.

How to enter the medical institute?
How to enter the medical institute?


Step 1

You must graduate from high school and receive a certificate to enter medical school. Then determine the university name and location. If your city does not have such an educational institution, ask another city about its availability and the hostel and prices for rented apartments.

Step 2

Try to find out the time of the “open day” of the selected institution. Then, chat with the teaching staff, discuss questions about passing exams, and ask for help preparing documents. You may be given a list of the information you need.

Step 3

Hire a Russian, Chemistry, and Biology tutor. Compete in Olympiads in the indicated boxes, and win prizes. Try to pass the exam for the maximum score, and it will help you enter more easily. 

Step 4

Prepare the required list of documents. Make copies of your passport, certificate, three by four photos, health certificate at the time of admission, and the USE results. You can mail them or bring them in person to the Admissions Office. Send documents with an application in the name of the rector of the medical institution to several institutions at the same time. This is more likely the case.

Step 5

Write an application addressed to the rector in the prescribed form obtained from the selection committee. In it, indicate the desire to enter the budget department because you can always rewrite the document in the event of a malfunction.

Step 6

Then you have to pass exams to get a pass. Then you can conclude the results of the admission.

Step 7

Persons studying medical school are allowed to enter medical school immediately before the third year, provided they pass the exams and have good qualities from the previous place of study. In addition, the legislation provides for several benefits for the disabled in group 1, persons with one disabled parent in group 1, orphans, and others. 

Step 8

You can enter the medical institution not only based on the first higher education but also in the magistracy, residency, and internship. A student must complete one of these areas of study before becoming involved in medical practice.

Step 9

To get a study reference, you need to contact the university’s dean or institute and ask for a list of documents necessary to pass the exam. As a rule, the entire study period lasts about two years, after which a diploma of the established state standard is issued.

Step 10

The institute must have state accreditation and a study permit. Should check this information at the stage of admission.

Step 11

The entire study period totals approximately nine years, including training in the specialty, admission to residency, internship, and work in a hospital under the supervision of a physician. Only after this period will you get a qualified doctor who has the right to conduct medical activities in the chosen direction.

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