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To obtain a nursing certificate, you must get a referral, pay for and complete special courses, and pass exams.

It is needed

  • – Russian passport and its photocopy;
  • – a diploma of graduation from a medical school and its photocopy;
  • – a photocopy of the workbook;
  • – if a name change has occurred, a copy of the document confirming the change of surname is required.
  • For foreign citizens, you will need an apostille of the national passport, certified by a notary, a photocopy of registration in the territory of the Russian Federation, apostille of the diploma, certified by a notary. The rest of the documents are similar.

How to Get a Nursing Certificate?
How to Get a Nursing Certificate?


Step 1

Direction. To obtain a nursing certificate, you must first contact the administration of the institution where you work, and they must provide you with an appropriate reference for paid further training. Typically, medical institutions already have an agreement with specific training centers and send their employees there. 

Step 2

Payment for courses. In most cases, management is interested in improving the qualifications of its employees and pays for these courses. If the administration flatly refuses to pay for the duration, a compromise option may be offered: you pay for the period, and management gives you a raise. Starting, you must look for a suitable educational institution and pay the tuition fees yourself.

Step 3

Where to take courses. A certificate is issued in various secondary vocational education institutions – medical colleges, lycées, and schools; and in institutions of postgraduate education – these are multiple centers and faculties of advanced training of workers.

Step 4

How the courses are taught. Paid training is conducted within 1-3 months; after that, you must pass the qualification exam. Depending on the direction, each nurse can receive one of 12 certificates. Getting one requires additional training, that is, primary specialization. To obtain others, only passing a qualifying exam may be required.

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