How To Get Secondary Medical Education | Education 2022

It is believed that the strictest selection for admission takes place in medical universities, so many graduates prefer to receive education and training at secondary specialized medical institutions first.

How to get secondary medical education?
How to get secondary medical education?


  • – certificate of Secondary Education;
  • – passport;
  • – birth certificate;
  • – Photos;
  • – certificate of passing the medical examination;
  • – the results of the exam.


Step 1

If you want to become an ambulance paramedic, nurse, obstetrician or dental technician in the future, you need a good knowledge of biology and chemistry. Many science subjects are waiting for you in college. There will be little time to fill the knowledge gaps in these disciplines while you study, so make sure you do it early. Some colleges and medical schools require you to pass entrance exams for a literature essay or a dictation in Russian. If you feel insecure about these disciplines, practice them more intensively.

Step 2

For admission to a medical faculty in many cities in Russia, introductory courses of preparatory courses are already being created, where classes are conducted with an in-depth study of biology and chemistry. Furthermore, if you complete these courses, you may not have to take any entrance exams. Use this information as you prepare to attend school or college.

Step 3

Choose for yourself a specialty in which you want to study at university. Unlike medical schools, where the specialization only starts in the higher subjects, in secondary specialized medical schools, you have to choose your field of activity in advance. It can provide obstetrics, pediatrics, dentistry, ambulance, etc.

Step 4

Send the documents to the selected department of the medical institution. Do additional tests as needed.

step 5

Studying at a medical school helps you prepare for further study at a higher education institution. You will gain internship experience in medical institutions. College is not a quick process, and it takes 3-4 years to get your medical associate degree. Furthermore, during this time, you can already understand where and with whom you would like to work if you continue studying to become a doctor.

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