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If you are interested in medicine and love people, go to medical school. Different specializations and study periods help you make the right choice.

How to go to medical school?
How to go to medical school?

1. Application;
2. Passport;
3. Certificate of secondary education or diploma of higher education;
4. Help 086/year;
5.6 3*4cm photos.
Step 1

Select the medical college or school you want to enroll in. Having decided whom you want to become (paramedic, obstetrician, or nurse), find out which universities have the best specialists trained, and learn about the teaching staff.

Step 2

After you have made a choice, you can start collecting documents. The most precise requirements should be found in the admissions office of the medical school or university where you will be enrolling. Document requirements may vary slightly.

Step 3

To go to medical school, you have to pass exams. Usually, the Russian language and biology are taught in the form of an exam. However, in some educational institutions, the Russian language is taken in the form of dictation, and chemistry is taken instead of biology. Therefore, the list of entrance exams should be clarified with the admissions committee or on the website of the selected medical college.

If you graduate in the same year that you plan to attend college, you must submit the results of the test you take at school.

If you have college degrees and want to change specialties (or have not graduated for whatever reason), medical school should provide you with an additional opportunity to pass the USE.

The schedule of the unified state exam can be found on the website.

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