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The medical profession has always been considered one of the most valuable and respected. Therefore, no matter how difficult the periods are that the budget field in general and medicine in our country are going through, the competitions for medical specialties always remain high. Nevertheless, with practical skills and due diligence, it is quite possible to get into the budget department of a medical college.

How to request medical help?
How to request medical help?


Step 1

Today’s admission procedure for most medical schools is of the same type: apply, submit a standard list of documents, and pass the entrance exams successfully. There are also specific benefits for applicants: orphans, those without parental care, or those who have received specific referrals from regions. It is easier for them to enroll in medical school than for an applicant in general. Nevertheless, in each specific case, these special conditions must be clarified separately by the selection committee of the selected educational institution.

Step 2

The following documents are required for admission to a medical institution:

– Application for admission submitted by the applicant in person on presentation of the passport;

– a document on completed secondary education (original certificate or notarial copy);

– certificate of the results of the exam in Russian language, biology, and chemistry (original or certified copy);

– medical certificate according to the standard model 086 / year;

– a block of 6 photos of 3×4 format.

Step 3

Documents proving the candidate’s achievements in the chosen profession can be submitted separately: a certificate of graduation from a biomedical school, a specialized medical class, certificates of merit in specialized subjects, results of the Olympic Games, etc. of the applicant for the medical profession and present his personal and student qualities profitably.

Step 4

Suppose the applicant does not enter the medical institution immediately after school. In that case, he must also submit an extract from the workbook and an existing diploma of lower vocational education at the admission office. Since it is pretty difficult for graduates to enter a medical college, many prefer to pursue a secondary vocational education at a medical college or school. In addition, the presence of a medical specialty and especially experience in it significantly increases the candidate’s chances of successfully entering a higher education institution.

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