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Medical colleges are in high demand among applicants; Although the degree to become a doctor is complicated and lengthy, dozens of candidates can apply for a place in the first year. What tests of the Unified State Examination must graduates pass in order to have the opportunity to enter medical school?

What exam subjects must be taken to enter a medical school?
What exam subjects must be taken to enter a medical school?

What determines the list of university entrance exams?

In Russia, the list of entrance examinations that a candidate takes is determined by the university itself but based on a special list approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It lists the subjects required for applicants in a particular field of education and several “university choice” subjects. Also, according to the law, the university has the right to extend the entrance examination program and organize an additional vocational test for applicants, which is conducted in universities.

Research, without which it is impossible to submit documents. Accordingly, the list of entrance examinations for a medical university may vary. However, at the same time, in all universities in the country with state accreditation, when entering the same speciality, there will be a particular “mandatory set” of the Unified State.

Unified State Exam Topics Required for Admission to Clinical Medicine

Concerning admission to medicine, in most cases, we are talking about the specialities of the “Clinical Medicine” group (fields of training such as “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, etc.).

Candidates of all specialities in this field must submit the results of the Unified State Examination in the Russian language to the Admissions Board, which is mandatory for all applicants in the country, as well as in Chemistry; it is this topic that is considered “basic” for future doctors.

At the university’s discretion, applicants may take one or two of the following subjects: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Foreign Language.

In most of the country’s medical institutes, biology is the subject of choice for admission into these specialities. Thus, the “typical set” of subjects for admission to a medical institute will be as follows:

Russian language;
Elements of admission to other medical specialities

The range of specialities taught at medical universities is not limited to clinical medicine. The offer of entrance exams can therefore vary somewhat. For example:

on admission to medical biophysics, applicants pass for physics rather than chemistry;
for clinical psychologists, the profile exam in biology; Mathematics is usually passed as the third exam (at the option of the university, it can be replaced or supplemented by an exam in social studies or a foreign language).
Those who decide to enrol in the speciality “Nursing” must pass biology; the third exam in most universities is chemistry (the list can be replaced by physics, social studies, or foreign).

The requirements for applicants applying for specialties such as pharmacy, medical biochemistry, or medical and preventive medicine are similar to those who chose clinical medicine: chemistry is also a core subject here, and biology is often chosen as the university’s third exam.

What Exam Is Needed For Admission To The Best Medical Universities In Moscow And St. Petersburg?

Recognized medical universities can accept candidates on “standard” terms and introduce additional tests that must be taken full-time. Consider what applicants are required from famous medical universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

For admission to Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, applicants must submit the results of four USE exams to the selection committee: Mathematics (Profile), Chemistry, Biology and Russian. In addition, they must also pass an additional test in Chemistry (performed based on the university).
To apply for a medical case study at Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, you must pass the “standard set” of the Unified State Examination: biology, chemistry and Russian. To successfully pass, you must learn the basics of medicine, a healthy lifestyle, rules of first aid, etc. Future specialists in medical biophysics entering Sechenovka pass biology, physics, and Russian. Nevertheless, those who plan to become a pediatrician or dentist must also undergo a professional test. Additional examinations are not provided.
Upon entering the Russian National Medical University of Pirogov, most medical specialties require results in chemistry, biology, and the Russian language. For medical biophysics as a specialized subject, instead of chemistry, they pass physics; to medical cybernetics – mathematics. Prospective clinical psychologists and candidates entering the Faculty of Medicine and Biology will take Biology, Mathematics, and Russian.
The admission rules for St. Petersburg First Pavlov State Medical University are the same as in most medical universities in the country: three exams, a standard set (biology, chemistry and Russian), for clinical psychologists instead of chemistry: mathematics.
To submit documents to the North-Western Mechnikov State Medical University or the Kirov Military Medical Academy, it is also necessary to pass biology, chemistry, and Russian. The program does not provide additional tests.

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