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Nowadays, to get a good position, higher education is necessary. The presence or absence of a university degree often becomes a decisive factor in recruitment. Higher education can affect salary and career prospects. However, not everyone is ready to devote 5-6 years to conscientious research, so forgery and purchase of fake diplomas have become very common in our country.

Checking a higher education diploma?
Checking a higher education diploma?


Step 1

Employers and staffers are increasingly confronted with false diplomas and are looking for reliable ways to confirm the submitted certifications. To check the authenticity of a higher education diploma, you need to know how and where the false documents come from.

Step 2

There are two ways to forge government diplomas. In the first case, the certification is wholly developed using original crusts and inserts purchased from unscrupulous employees of universities or printing houses in connection with the preparation and issuing of diplomas. As a result, intentional false information is entered into fundamental state forms and forged signatures and seals. In some cases, the molds and crusts themselves can be counterfeited. In the second case, false data is entered in a genuine original university diploma, awarded to one of the graduates several years ago, utilizing deletions and additions. Such counterfeits, as a rule, leave visible traces that an experienced personnel officer can notice. 

Step 3

The verification of the diploma raises severe doubts about its authenticity. It has traces of forgery, and then the employer has the right to conduct an expert validation of the document through law enforcement agencies. A corresponding request is submitted to the public prosecutor for this. The basis for confirming the authenticity or forgery of a document is an expert judgment and a certificate from the university, issued at the request of law enforcement agencies.

Step 4

The second way to verify the authenticity of a diploma involves two stages. First, based on Article 86 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, written consent is requested from the employee to receive information about his education from third parties (that is, from the university that issued the diploma). The law assumes that an honest person has nothing to hide in a given situation and that there is no reason to refuse an employer to receive this information. The mere fact that an employee disagrees with a request from an educational institution can be regarded as an indirect confirmation of his bad faith. 

Step 5

If the employee agrees to the proposed check, an official request is made to the university that issued the diploma. Since each state diploma has its unique number, the information of which is stored in the archives of the educational institution, it is not at all difficult to confirm the authenticity and date of the issue of a particular diploma.

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