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With the presentation, you increase the possibility of presenting your project to potential investors and other interested parties. This type of report illustrated simultaneously with images and graphs makes it more vivid and understandable for the observation. But you need to know how to design a project presentation so that it really graces your speech and complements your text successfully.

Designing a project presentation
Designing a project presentation


Step 1

Think about the objectives of the presentation and the project that you will familiarize the audience with. Psychologists say that a person can focus on new material for only 10 or 15 minutes. Therefore, try to calculate so that your report does not last longer than this time. Limit the number of slides to 10 and wait 1.5-2 minutes for each fall available for review.

Step 2

To ensure that the presented slide is not cluttered with text or images, the saturation should not exceed 1/3 of the screen area. Do not write much text. You can always accompany the slide with your explanation. It is better to give graphic material: tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Step 3

The shapes of the graphic objects must correspond to stable and natural visual associations. In this case, your viewers will perceive them better. Arrange information from top to bottom, place logical conclusions, and emphasize the bottom right of the slide. When you highlight an element on a slide, you use only one method: brightness, accent color, stroke, blink, or motion.

Step 4

Do not use more than three different fonts. Visually well observed by Times New Roman, Tahoma, and Arial. The size must be large enough: 20 for text and 36 for titles. Use one and a half spacing in text and double spacing between paragraphs.

step 5

Choose the color palette in which you want to style the presentation of your project. For a business presentation, gray-violet, gray-blue, red-brown-orange-yellow shades are perfect. Slide images should contrast with the main background and use dark letters on a light text background.

Step 6

On the last slide of the presentation, list any contact numbers, surnames, and other information that will help those interested in the production find you.

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