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Working in the internal affairs agencies is the cherished dream of many boys of different generations. But to work in the police force, you must have had specialized training. For this, you can go directly to the Higher Police School after school to go to work later unhindered.

How to enter the Higher Police School?
How to enter the Higher Police School?


Step 1

As a rule, it is mainly young people enrolled in the police academy. The list of requirements for a candidate includes excellent health, good physical fitness, and a certificate with good grades.

Step 2

To be admitted to the Higher Police School, you must first apply to the head of the educational institution with the request to welcome him to a course. In addition, the application must be certified by the student candidate’s parents. They must also permit their child to be admitted to the Higher Police School. The deadline for submitting such an application to an educational institution is limited to June 1. 

Step 3

After the application is submitted, the applicant must pass admission tests. These include psychological tests the determination of IQ, checking the physical fitness according to the standards set by the School, and checking the knowledge acquired in a general education school (the candidate must provide a mini-summary or write a short essay) passing the medical commission. Finally, before the medical examination, the applicant must pass some tests submitted to the School’s doctors. These are general blood and urine tests, basic tests for AIDS and syphilis, electrocardiogram, fluorography, information about vaccinations, and an extract of the outpatient card. And of course, you have to pass exams in general education subjects. As a rule, this is history, Russian language, and literature, a foreign language.

Step 4

The applicant will be enrolled by the selection committee’s decision, which will carefully study all documents and the results of the successful admission tests. Based on these checks, it is decided whether the candidate is suitable for training or not. But remember that only the most worthy and those who want to serve the people are taken as disciples.

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