How to make a poster presentation | Education 2022

In congresses, scientific conferences, congresses, and symposia, the use of poster presentations has become widespread, which, in strictly limited terms, makes it possible to cover a specific topic in the complete way possible.

How to make a poster presentation
How to make a poster presentation


  • – playing the role of Whatman;
  • – sheets of Whatman paper in A2 or A1 format;
  • – a set of bookmarks;
  • – mounting magnets or buttons;
  • – pointer;
  • – a series of flyers (brochures) with a summary of their work.


Step 1

You can create a poster presentation using the following construction scheme: – report idea; – the study of instructions and recommendations from the organizers; – exact layout of the content of the report: texts, images, color schemes; – finding and correcting errors; – production process and final design.

Step 2

In addition, the title, which the subject must be indicated, and the report’s title. State extensively under the title: – your surname, first name, and patronymic, without initials, so that people with questions know how to contact you; – the organization you represent (try to avoid abbreviations because for foreign listeners, this is full abracadabra); – the place where your organization is located (town, city); – do not forget to mention the country for international conferences.

Step 3

Design and content of the report. Make the content of the stand clear and concise. Without cumbersome presentations, everything is to the point. Show the report schematically. Design it to reveal the essence of the work performed to the conference participants in the most accessible and convenient way. All photos, graphs, diagrams, tables, and figures must be clear and not overlap.

Step 4

Also, make some boxes at the bottom of the stand: – one for brochures with your program and the accompanying extended text; – one for stickers with a pen; – one for business cards and visitor questions.

step 5

It is also helpful to prepare additional material with the report that the visitor can take with him: – business cards; – a brochure.

step 6

Make your lecture informative and memorable. In all materials distributed, please include the title of the report, your name, and coordinates for contacting you in the future. Also, please contact the conference organizers in advance about the booth size and structure, as different booths have different attachment methods for materials.

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