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These days, no one can be in awe of red college scabs. However, even the lack of a plain blue degree can blot out all your dreams of career growth, a good job, and money. However, if you already have a degree, you can safely get another degree – an MBA (Master of Business Administration), which entitles you to be called a Master of Business Administration.

MBA or Master of Business Administration
MBA or Master of Business Administration

This profession is respected throughout the business world as the master’s degree is awarded to the most qualified CEOs. Typically, business school graduates start with a salary of $10,000 per month. This fact clearly shows how much employers appreciate it, as MBA education trains specialists of such a level, for whom even a global company is like a knee-deep sea. Entering this area, thanks to the MBA, is sometimes accelerated.
As you know, MBA has different names. The English degree is known and famous worldwide: Master of Business Administration. Such a qualification is prescribed in the diploma if you have received business training abroad or in Russia but at a foreign education centre or university. If the program is from Russian authors, then most likely, the graduation diploma will contain the phrase in Russian: “Master of Business Administration”. Essentially they are the same. Moreover, suppose a diploma has to be handed over to an employer in Europe and the US. In that case, it will be translated into a foreign language, and the Master of Business Administration line that you already know will appear.
In Russia, a different version of the decoding translation of the expression MBA is used. In this version, “Master” has been changed to “Master”. In Russia, no master’s degree was used. It was unknown for a long time, so this translation was used more significantly to indicate a decent academic degree, which is quite suitable for determining the degree of MBA education. Not so long ago, masters were introduced to Russia, and it became clear that this word is the usual Western designation for a classical graduate. At the same time, Russian “specialists” in education are much higher than foreign “masters”.
No matter how it has labelled, at its core, the MBA is specialized postgraduate professional training for managers with the highest qualifications in business processes. As a general rule, people who earn an MBA degree have set themselves the goal of becoming effective managers and competently setting up or developing their businesses.

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