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A flight attendant is an aircraft crew specialist whose primary job is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during the flight. This profession is taught in the so-called “flight attendant schools” or “heavenly schools”.

How to apply for a flight attendant?
How to apply for a flight attendant?


Step 1

If you are serious about becoming a flight attendant, choose the airline you want to work for. Almost each of them has their school.

Step 2

High requirements are imposed on future flight attendants: their age must be at least 18, but not older than 35 years; growth – strictly from 160 cm; correct speech and good looks are also required.

Step 3

To enrol in flight attendant school, you must pass an interview. You should talk briefly about yourself, show a scab about higher education (if any), and list your skills and abilities. As a rule, preference is given to those girls who know English well. Therefore, before going to a job interview, picking up your foreign language from specialized courses is best. 

Step 4

Also, remember that on international airlines, as a rule, flight attendants with higher, preferably linguistic training, work, and you can work on domestic flights without it.

Step 5

Before entering school, you must undergo a severe medical examination. Only people in excellent health are accepted as flight attendants (no nervous and cardiovascular diseases). Also, you will not be admitted to classes if you fail psychological tests or misbehave in a stressful situation.

Step 6

If the interview is successful, you will be trained as a flight attendant, which will take about 2-3 months. You have to study 6 days a week all working day.

Step 7

If during the conversation the representatives of the airline are interested in your person, you will pass the training for free. In addition, you will even get a small scholarship (about 5,000 rubles).

Step 8

After three months of training, you will be invited to do an internship on one of the airline’s aircraft (however, these conditions are only approximate). After you pass and pass the final exams, you will be admitted to work.

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