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As you know, every profession comprises ten percent talent and ninety percent labor. You will have to work hard if you want to be a photographer, not just for a degree. The main thing is your desire to learn. Always carry your camera with you and you can take excellent and exciting pictures.

How to request a photographer?
How to request a photographer?

It is needed

digital SLR camera


Step 1

Choose a place where you want to study first. For example, departments of teaching photography exist in the College of Film, Television, and Multimedia of VGIK, the Humanitarian College of the Russian State Technical University, the College of Automation and Information Technology No. 20, the Polytechnic College of the Moscow City Council, etc … and this is only in Moscow. There are also branches of these institutions in other cities in Russia.

Step 2

Remember that you can enter the photography profession after nine years and eleven years of schooling. In the first case, your training lasts two years and ten months, and in the second case, one year and ten months. 

Step 3

Indicate which disciplines need to be prepared to pass the entrance exams at the educational institution you have chosen—for example, candidates for Polytechnic College. Mossovet passed chemistry and Russian. Now the result of both exams depends on how you wrote these disciplines on the exam. If you chose the College of Automation and Information Technology, you need the results of a single exam in two sentences: Russian language and mathematics. In addition, applicants provide a series of photos with their own hands and are interviewed.

Step 4

Provide the committee with a minimum of twenty photos taken in different styles (still life, portrait, landscape) if you want to enter VGIK. Exams are held in several stages, and before they start, all applicants participate in a creative competition. After passing the exam, anyone can take the exam. If you give this level, all you need to do is present the results of the Russian language exam. The final test is graded on a point system, so even if you pass Russian, you’re a student. 

Step 5

Buy a DSLR camera, and you will need it throughout the learning process. If you’re unsure which device to choose, contact your instructor for a recommendation.

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