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The profession of the pilot is one of the most attractive and romantic. So unsurprisingly, many guys dream of becoming a pilot. You can become a professional pilot by enrolling in one of the many flight schools in Russia. But it is essential to understand what the requirements are for applicants.

How to apply for a pilot?
How to apply for a pilot?


Step 1

One way for those who want to become a professional pilot is: Match their desires with your abilities. It would be best if you had certain physical and psychological qualities (be able to tolerate long-term physical and mental stress, be stress-resistant, make decisions in extreme situations, and much more). In addition, you must have completed a full secondary education. For admission, you must present USE certificates in Mathematics, Russian Language, Physics, and Foreign Language.

Step 2

Choose a direction for yourself. All flight training institutes in Russia are divided into civil and military. If you want to become a pilot for civil transport, or commercial organizations (passengers, non-military cargo), enter the civil aviation school. If you’re going to serve in the Air Force, then in the military aviation school. 

Step 3

Keep in mind that flight schools are divided into higher education and secondary technical. Therefore, the duration of the study depends on this – 5 or 3 years, respectively.

Step 4

Prepare a package of documents: – a certificate from a whole secondary education institution or lower vocational education;

– medical flying school. Upon graduation, you will receive a commercial pilot certificate.

Step 5

A way for those who want to learn to fly “for themselves” is: Study to become a pilot at the flying club. Then, you can take the first introductory flight on the same day you sign up.

Step 6

Go through a medical board. Learn flight theory alone or under the guidance of experienced instructors and instructors. Fly the required number of hours. Pass the exam and receive your pilot’s license.

Step 7

Please note that in Russia, there are three stages of flying proficiency: 

1. amateur pilot or private pilot;

2. commercial pilot;

3. airline pilot. These certificates are obtained in phases. With a commercial pilot’s license, you can fly independently. An airline pilot as an aircraft commander can fly any class of aircraft, but you must have a minimum of 150 flying hours and excellent health. In Russian air clubs, you can only get an amateur pilot’s license and the right to fly a light private jet.

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