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For many decades, an aura of mystery and romance has surrounded the detective profession. Investigation of mysterious crimes, chases, arrests of dangerous criminals – all this stirs the imagination of many people. And thanks to numerous action-packed television series, the detective profession in our country is again at its peak. Today, many school children wonder how to respond to an investigator and what it takes to do this.

How to apply for a researcher?
How to apply for a researcher?


Step 1

First of all, we must make a reservation that today, the civil service and researchers are precisely civil servants and are becoming more prestigious and famous. Therefore special increased demands are placed on its employees. Today, as it was in the 90s, it is almost impossible to become a researcher without the proper training. Whether a person is applying for the position of the investigator of the prosecutor’s office or the Ministry of the Interior, he needs a law degree.

Step 2

You probably need a full-time degree from one major state university: Moscow State University, to work in the prosecution or prosecution. MV Lomonosov, MGIMO, MGYuA, RUDN, RGGU, GUU. These educational institutions’ main “disadvantage” is intense competition for a place and a high score. It is often complicated for applicants from the provinces to enrol in the budget departments of these universities. In this case, there is a kind of “solution” for people passionate about the detective profession. 

Step 3

First, you can get a law degree from an accredited university and then look for work in one of the district offices of the prosecutor’s office or the district departments of the investigative bodies of the Ministry of the Interior. Then, after you establish yourself as a good, conscientious employee, you can climb the career ladder over time and move into a position in a larger structure.

Step 4

Youth for whom full-time, full-time education is not available can proceed as follows. First, try to register as an assistant detective with the investigative authorities of the Ministry of the Interior. Unfortunately, this option is utterly unsuitable for girls as only men of at least 18 will be hired for this job, preferably those who have served in the armed forces. After working as an assistant detective and securing the right career choice, one can continue his education without interrupting the service, for example, at the University of the Ministry of the Interior. With good results of work and successful studies, it is possible to transfer to the researcher’s position after only 3-4 years of study. 

Step 5

Different conditions are required to work as a detective at a military prosecutor’s office. In addition to a law degree from one of the military universities, you must also fully meet fairly strict medical requirements. Military prosecutors are considered persons conscripted for military service. Therefore excellent physical condition and impeccable health are a prerequisite for them. Upon admission to the Moscow Military University, in addition to the entrance examinations, credits for general physical training are also obtained.

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