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In-service training is one of the forms of further training in your profession. With the help of this increase, your employees will update their theoretical and practical skills, which are usually dictated by changing demands on the level of professional knowledge and the need to introduce new methods of solving problems. Improving their qualifications is essential to properly formalising at all stages.

How to request advanced training?
How to request advanced training?


Step 1

Determine the composition of the Qualifications Committee, which will solve problems within your company related to the professional development of employees and their registration.

Step 2

Accept a written statement from the employee requesting that he be awarded a new degree of qualification. Employees submit such an application after completing the relevant training. Also, accept a certificate of completion of training stating the number of hours issued by the training center. If you are the head of the department to which this employee belongs, write a description of him. Submit these three documents to the qualifications committee.

Step 3

Invite an employee to a meeting of the qualifications committee and check his theoretical knowledge acquired during training and practical skills. Make sure that he can independently perform activities that belong to a higher (compared to what he has now) grade. Record the committee’s move in the minutes. Formulate and print the advice of the qualification committee. Add it to the minutes.

Step 4

Issue a command to assign the employee the correct qualification category.

Step 5

Be sure to record continuing education in the employee’s workbook.

Step 6

Please make the necessary changes to the contract concluded with the employee when he was hired, indicating the new qualification. If it is impossible to change the text of the employment contract itself, draw up a supplementary agreement.

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