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The profession of architect combines the talent of an artist and the knowledge of an engineer. In addition, you must be a versatile person to be able to navigate modern trends and styles of architectural constructions. You cannot do without studying at one of the architecture universities.

How to apply for an architect?
How to apply for an architect?

It is needed

  • – certificate of secondary education – original and two copies;
  • – passport – original and two or three copies;
  • – USE results in Mathematics, Russian Language, and Literature;
  • – medical certificate;
  • – creative work on drawing, sketching, and graphics;
  • – photos.


Step 1

Think carefully about the choice of the institution where you will study. For example, even though the programs of specialized construction universities and architecture departments are primarily similar, you should know in advance about the program’s features and the presence of practicing architects in the teaching staff. 

Step 2

To access the Faculty of Architecture, you have to pass more exams than other universities. You will need USE results in Mathematics, Russian Language, and Literature. And it is also necessary to pass specialized exams in drawing, composition, and drawing. Find out the details of passing the entrance exams at the chosen university in advance.

Step 3

Preparing yourself for profile exams after leaving school is a difficult task. Tutoring is an excellent way to prepare well. First, choose the teacher of the educational institution where you want to register as a tutor. He knows the specific requirements and will help you prepare for the exams as best as possible and show you your best side. Preparation for a creative competition should begin a year or a half before the entrance exams. During this time, a skilled teacher will be able to provide the proper technique for drawing, pictures, and drawing.

Step 4

To develop your style and understanding of drawing as you prepare for the exams, you must educate yourself. Attend seminars, exhibitions of drawings, and compositions; participate in creative competitions. 

Step 5

When you graduate from high school, enroll in an architecture preparatory course. There you can get qualified help in preparing for the entrance exams of the chosen institute. This increases the chance of enrollment in the faculty and helps you to meet future teachers in advance and to establish yourself in the choice of the profession of architecture.

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