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Railway colleges exist in most major cities in Russia. In these settings, you can get a variety of specialties in the railway sector. To enter the railway college, you must present the documents required for admission to the admission office, pass the admission tests and pass the competition.

How to Apply to Railroad College?
How to Apply to Railroad College?

It is needed

documents for admission


Step 1

Gather the necessary documents. Request a list of admission documents from the Admissions Office or the educational institution’s website. You may need an application form, a medical certificate f. 086, 6 photos of 3×4 cm (color or black and white), photocopies of the passport and medical policy, photocopy of TIN, and insurance certificate of pension insurance, and educational document.

Step 2

Come to the admissions office in person – you can find not all information on the educational institution’s website. In addition, the Admissions Office usually operates year-round.

Step 3

Ask the admissions office about the university’s admission policy. You can enter the Railway College based on nine lessons as well as based on 11 classes. The list of entrance exams changes depending on the base. Candidates who graduated from rank 11 shall submit USE Certificates in Russian Language and Mathematics to the committee. Those graduating 9th grade will have to pass entrance exams in these disciplines. 

Step 4

Decide on the choice of specialty. In the Railway School, you can master various specializations such as “Construction of railways, track and track facilities,” “Technical operation of lifting and transport, construction, road machines and devices,” “Technical operation of railway rolling stock,” and ” Organization of transport and management on transport.” You can also get the popular specialties “Computer Networks” and “Economics and Accounting.”

Step 5

Remember that documents are accepted on time – submit documents on time. In most educational institutions, documents are received from June to mid-July, entrance exams are held in July (if any), and lists of applicants are announced in August. Therefore, it is not difficult to enter this institution, and studying at the railway school promises a lot of prospects.

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