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When applying for a job or applying to graduate school, often not only the educational institution where you obtained your diploma plays a role but also the grades you obtained during your studies. A metric called can take a GPA into account. The higher the degree, the higher the knowledge and skills you have acquired during the training. So how do you calculate this indicator?

How to calculate a degree's GPA
How to calculate a degree’s GPA

It is needed

  • – an appendix in the diploma with figures;
  • – calculator.


Step 1

Find the assessed appendix for your diploma. It is an A4 sheet that is included in the certification but not attached. It must be titled “Diploma Supplement” and your surname, first name and patronymic, the name of the educational institution, your specialty, information about the internship, and on the back a list of disciplines for which credits and exams have been obtained with the number of hours and the final grade. Calculate the average mark specifically for the diploma supplement, not the list of influences. It takes into account the current stages of the course and should only use the final grades when calculating the GPA. For example, if the system lasted two semesters, the last point obtained will be considered. 

Step 2

Count the number of academic disciplines for which you have not only received credits but also grades. Correct the resulting number. Then separately count the number of “excellent,” “good,” and “fair” rates.

Step 3

Multiply the resulting number of points by the number of points corresponding to it. For example, “excellent” numbers should be multiplied by five. Add the resulting values ​​together, then divide by the total number of graded items. You will receive the GPA on your diploma. Depending on the educational institution’s requirements, but usually with an average grade of more than 4.5, I can advise you for admission to graduate school.

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