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A diploma is a higher education document and must usually be presented in the original. However, there are times when one cannot provide the actual certification and must be content with a copy. It must be duly certified if you provide a copy without an original.

How to certify a diploma?
How to certify a diploma?


Step 1

The best is the notarized endorsement of the copy. You can bring the original of your diploma and all attachments to any notary and receive certified copies with the seal and signature of the notary and special firmware. Please bring your passport and certificate with you for this procedure. The notary does not certify the completed copies because, in this case, there is a danger of falsifying some of the information. Please note that if the sheets of the attachments of your diploma do not have firmware, confirmed by the seal and signature of the University Rector, and the sheets are not numbered, the notary has the right to refuse you to authenticate such a document. The reason for the refusal is also the severe damage to some diploma pages. 

Step 2

Apostille your diploma if you need confirmation of authenticity abroad. To do this, you must first do a translation at a translation agency. Please note that the certification does not have to be translated into English but into the language of the country where you have to present it. After the translated copy is ready, it must be certified by the Ministry of Education. Although some agencies offer a full range of document translation services, including their certification with an apostille, it is best to find out in advance.

Step 3

If necessary, the educational institution can certify a copy of the diploma. In this case, all sheets of the application are also licensed separately, and a copy is stapled, approved by the university’s seal, the signature of the rector, and the executive secretary. However, remember that with such certification, you are not assured that such a copy from an organization will not suffice. And while a degree certified by its legal force by the educational institution that issued it is equivalent to a notarized document, many stubbornly demand only notarized endorsement.

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