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To change your handwriting, you must retrain the hand motor skills developed over the years to a new way of writing. Its complexity will remind you of your primary school years, with the difference that the formation of handwriting will now be an order of magnitude faster.

How to change your handwriting
How to change your handwriting


Step 1

Find a handwriting sample you like. If someone you know has a suitable writing style, ask them to write a small test for you, in which you will find the maximum number of letters of the alphabet and a variety of prepositions and words. However, if you want to improve your handwriting and not make it look like someone else’s, you can use the elementary school recipes as an example and a writing standard.

Step 2

Of course, the position of your body at the writing table will not be as important now as it was in school, but to avoid spoiling your posture and spine, try to keep your back straight and not lean on the writing hand. Ideally, you can maintain a 90-degree angle between your shoulder and forearm. In this position, it is easier and freer to write. Remember that the elbow of the writing hand must be completed on the table and not droop down. Otherwise, you will put in extra effort to keep its weight, and the handwriting will suffer. 

Step 3

Set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice your new handwriting. When filling out the recipes, take your time, as accurately and carefully as possible, and pay attention to writing all the details: various hooks, lines, and elements connecting letters. If you have an example of someone else’s handwriting before your eyes, think carefully about the essential elements that make up the letters. Then, using the pressure and other characters, try to understand where each letter begins and ends—play individual notes on a sheet of paper and then some words. If desired, place the thin piece on top, exposing the written expressions so you can trace them. Start by drawing letters slowly and gradually bring your spelling closer to the original you are learning from.

Step 4

If you want to change your handwriting, try writing with a pencil first, as graphite glides on paper more quickly than a ballpoint pen, making it easier to draw letters to match the pattern. Then, once you feel you have sufficiently consolidated the hand’s muscle memory, return to the ballpoint pen and try writing in your new, “improved” handwriting.

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