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It is well known that there is a reasonably extensive market for fake diplomas. In particular, many Internet sites offer similar services. But how can an employer defend itself against such deception? For this, it is possible to check the diploma by number.

How to check a diploma by number
How to check a diploma by number

It is needed

a diploma to be verified


Step 1

Try to contact directly the educational institution whose degree your employee or job seeker obtained. First, find the telephone number of the secretariat in the name of the university. This can be through the directory of educational institutions or organizations. Then, ask the employee by telephone whether it is possible to obtain information on whether a diploma with a certain number has been issued in a specific person’s name.

Step 2

If you refuse to comply with your request by telephone, you must submit an official request to the educational institution. Must make it in the form of a letter. You must indicate the number of the diploma, the year of graduation from the university, specialty and surname, first name, and patronymic of the person who owns the educational document. Please also refer to the law under which you can obtain such information. The letter must be written in the rector’s name and certified by the seal of your organization. Some universities may also require the letter recipient to read this request. It is reflected that the applicant puts his surname, initials, and signature under the text. 

Step 3

Send the composite letter by registered post. After a certain amount of time, the university should get an answer as to whether a diploma with such a number is registered in their databases and whether it belongs to the said person.

Step 4

If for some reason, it has not been possible to get an answer from the university, you can send a request to the Federal Agency for Education. You can find his address and phone number on the official website of the organization –

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