How to complete an exercise diary | Education 2022

During his studies at the university, every student comes across such a concept as an exercise diary. However, not every student knows that there are specific rules for completing such an educational document.

How to fill in an exercise diary
How to fill in an exercise diary


Step 1

The exercise diary is an essential student document. You can find information about how influential his work at the company was during his internship. The exercise diary indicates that the student is ready for professional activity. The experience of the journal is strongly influenced by how it is filled in. In some educational institutions, the student receives a ready-made book, which you only have to fill in. Students have to create their diaries at other universities using a regular student notebook.

Step 2

The design of the exercise diary is of no minor importance. You must enter the following information on the cover of this type of book: name of the educational institution, faculty, specialism, course, and student group number. In addition, the surname, term, and patronymic of the student must be present. Finally, the book must contain the internship conditions and the calendar days of the execution of this or that work. 

Step 3

Should note all tasks assigned to the student in the journal. They are described according to the workpiece. In one column, there is the name of the assignment, in the other – the content of the work, in the third – the analysis of the completed project, and this material is consolidated by the opinion of the head of practice on the work of the student.

Step 4

All information is usually prepared in this style: the date the assignment was issued is written, what questions the student had during the project, and at the end – the result of the project. It would be best if you didn’t treat your journal as a piece of jewelry. As this is an official document, it must be authenticated by the signature of the company’s responsible person where the practice is completed, and the seal of the organization must be present. After completing the exercise, the student must hand the diary to his teacher. And in turn, he prepares an analysis report based on the materials received.

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