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When choosing clothes for college, think about your look in advance. You should not dress too simple, but too glamorous outfits for the study will not work. Instead, buy three or four matching sets and choose the right accessories. You look good all school year.

How to dress for college?
How to dress for college?


Step 1

Before shopping, check to see if your university has internal rules for student appearance. For example, it is usually not recommended to wear sportswear and shoes to classes, things with provocative slogans or ripped jeans, or accessories with religious symbols.

Step 2

The core of a college wardrobe can be classic items of classic style. Buy quality pants, a straight skirt that hits above the knee, and a plain white or light-colored blouse. These things go well with essential jeans, thin knits, and various accessories.

Step 3

Do not make too “mature” conservative ensembles. A strict two-piece suit, complemented by a white blouse, will look good on a teacher, but a student in such an outfit will look pretentious. Think of more exciting combinations. Complement the pencil skirt with a light jacket in a different shade. Pull a knitted top underneath and roll up the sleeves. Combine a white blouse with a knitted cardigan and wear this set with blue jeans. 

Step 4

Don’t go to the other extreme either. Mini skirts cropped tops, and all sorts of college plunging necklines will look out of place. Save these items for your club party.

Step 5

If you follow fashion trends, get yourself a dress. Do not wear too short and tight models – business etiquette excludes them. But straight shirt dresses, loose sundresses, supplemented with a belt, or elongated knitted sweaters are fine. Wear them with ballet flats or flat boots.

Step 6

Don’t forget accessories. In college, a leatherette or nylon bag is a must-have to carry everything you need. An alternative is a stylish backpack or a sizeable zipped folder. Choose bright colors – leave dull black and brown wallets for clerks and top executives.

Step 7

Young people should also think about their appearance. Jeans are suitable, complemented by light club jackets with a polo shirt, knitted sweaters, or colored shirts. Eliminate oversized t-shirts and pants that fall from your hips from your workout wardrobe. Instead of worn-out sneakers, wear comfortable moccasins – they go with jeans and classic trousers.

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