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During the admission of applicants, the Police School gives preference to young men who have completed the 9th grade of a community school. Their state of health must be suitable for further education in this educational institution. But the Novosibirsk Police School can also take girls in for training. Here, officers involved in criminal investigations and the fight against economic crimes study. The High School of Police has its own history and is popular, so you have to take it seriously.

How to set up a police school in Novosibirsk.  to enter
How to set up a police school in Novosibirsk. to enter


Step 1

Upon admission, a strict selection of candidates is made, for which you must prepare in advance.

First, write a statement to the head of the police academy stating that you want to study here and pass it directly on to the members of the school’s admissions committee. Parents must indicate in the application that they agree. Further, the documents are sent to the personnel office in the bodies of internal affairs, where the candidate’s personal file is prepared, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Then the candidate’s personal file is approved, after which the authorities may or may not recommend you for admission.

Step 2

When selecting candidates, their intellectual level is revealed with the help of psychological tests, physical fitness in certain sports. Also, the Novosibirsk Police School interviews the candidate with teachers who test his knowledge in basic academic subjects, mainly humanitarian. Candidates are presented with a specific topic, which they must write down correctly, or formulate an excerpt from the text read in writing.

Step 3

In addition, you must undergo a medical examination, the conditions of which are established by the Higher Police School, the passage is paid. The committee demands a general blood test for Wasserman’s reaction, a blood test for HIV infection, an electrocardiogram of the heart, fluorography, an extract for 5 years from an outpatient card, data on available vaccinations.

Step 4

To determine the level of intellectual development, the candidate must pass a test, which includes questions from the curriculum of humanitarian subjects at a general education school. After you pass the test, you should get their result, which indicates the number of points scored.

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