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If you want to become a teacher, entering teacher training after grade 11 is not the only option. You can follow specialized secondary pedagogical education, which also opens up the possibility of working in the school. In addition, there are secondary technical educational institutions (colleges) where you can get into the teaching profession in many cities. Still, you need to know the rules and procedures for admission.

How to access a teacher training course?
How to access a teacher training course?

It is needed

  • – a certificate of completion of 9 or 11 degrees;
  • – “Participant Directory”;
  • – certificate of passing the exam (for eleventh graders);
  • – passport;
  • – vaccination certificate.


Step 1

Find a teacher training college in your city. The applicant’s guide, sold in bookstores or newsstands, will help you with this.

Step 2

Call the selected college’s admission office and specify the admission – conditions, necessary documents, the availability of budget and paid establishments, and the possibility of providing a hostel. You can also obtain this information personally by visiting the selected educational institution during the opening hours of the selection committee. 

Step 3

Choose a specialty from those offered by the educational institution. For example, in pedagogical colleges, you can get the thing of a teacher of preschool institutions (kindergartens), an elementary school teacher, a social teacher, and others.

Step 4

Attend an Open House Day if an educational institution hosts the event. It is usually held in the spring and allows you to learn about where you decided to apply, attend the presentation of your chosen specialty, and get to know teachers and students. As a result, you get a more objective picture of the training at your selected location.

Step 5

Register for preparatory courses. This will help you prepare for the entrance exam or USE when you finish 11th grade.

Step 6

Prepare the documents necessary for admission – a certificate of completion of 9 or 11 degrees, six photos, a certificate of vaccinations, a passport, and a certificate of passing the exam (for eleventh graders). 

Step 7

Submit your documents to the Admissions Office on time. If you are applying after 9th grade, pass the entrance exams. They differ depending on the specialty chosen.

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