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Any young man or girl with a high school diploma can attend drama school. Applicants must pass a series of preliminary auditions and submit the required documents. Only then will an interview and the necessary exams will be taken.

How to go to drama school
How to go to drama school

It is needed

  • – certificate of secondary education;
  • -4 photos of 3*4 size;
  • – an application addressed to the head of the drama school;
  • -statement of health;
  • – characteristics of the last place of study.


Step 1

First, find out in which cities of Russia there are theatre schools and in what quantity. Then, submit documents at once to all educational institutions. Because admission takes place in three rounds, you have a higher chance of becoming a student.

Step 2

Inquire in advance when the school is holding an open day. Talk to students and teachers. Find out what to expect during the exams, an approximate list of questions and the admission procedure. Be sure to bring a pen and a notebook, and write down what documents you need and what you need to take during the first round. 

Step 3

Try to prepare papers and photos for admission in advance. Some schools only ask for originals or copies certified by a notary. To apply to several educational institutions simultaneously, it is better to think about this in advance.

Step 4

Think about what you can do at the moment, can you show your talents on stage, do you have an oratorio? Only by answering these questions in the affirmative, you can confidently apply to the theatre school.

Step 5

In all educational institutions, before submitting documents for admission, you must pass a particular stage – listening. The creative competition lasts for several days and involves completing specific tasks. First, you must read a fable, poem, poem, or voice a play to the school’s teaching staff. The second round usually includes vocal lessons or amateur performances.

Step 6

As a rule, you must pre-register for the first phase. Then, one of the named students is called to class. Several people come in at once, sit on a chair, and the master of the course suggests answering a few questions about your name, where you studied, how old you are, and what you will read? 

Step 7

Determine the role in advance, in the part of who you see yourself and which works you will perform. It is best to choose multiple options, as teachers can ask you to do something different at any time. It would be best if you chose a small piece of text because no one will listen to you for hours.

Step 8

Choose a business dress. Girls should wear a skirt to the knee, and for young people – jeans, trousers, a suit and a shirt. A tie is welcome but not required.

Step 9

You will be admitted to the entrance exams only based on the listening results. As a rule, a third of applicants reach this stage. The selection committee screens the rest during the listening phase.

Step 10

I will inform you of the admission results from the lists that hang in the stands in the foyer or on the doors of the theatre school.

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