How to enter the EMERCOM of Russia | Education 2022

Today, training at the Ministry of Emergency Situations Institutes is a promising and prestigious choice. Parenting in itself is not easy, as is admission. The difficulty lies in the significant pass score and the number of candidates for one place. After all, the number of educational institutions EMERCOM of Russia is minimal. Having decided to become a student of the educational institution of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the applicant must go through several stages: preparation for entrance examinations, professional psychological selection, and entrance examinations.

How to enter the EMERCOM of Russia?
How to enter the EMERCOM of Russia?


Step 1

Persons from 17 to 40 years old can try to enroll. Higher education is a requirement from the age of 26. Girls can also try their hands.

Step 2

One of the stages of the entrance exam is the physical fitness test. Find out in advance which standards you have to meet because they change every year. As a rule, these are standard tests – pull-ups at the bar, 100 meters, complex strength exercises, and cross-country skiing.

Step 3

The main subjects you have to take are Mathematics, Russian, Social Studies, and Physics. Today, the form of submission is the exam. The achievement of the number of points is determined annually. Choose electives, study yourself, and hire a tutor. 

Step 4

When passing entrance exams, professional psychological selection is carried out. It is aimed at identifying the right choice of the chosen profession. This part does not require extensive preparation. You need to calm down and be confident. If the applicant takes his chosen career seriously and has walked towards the set goal for a long time, he will have no problems with professional and psychological selection.

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