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President Yeltsin founded the Federal Security Service on April 12, 1995. Its primary duties include crime fighting, intelligence operations and information security. It would be best if you successfully graduated from the FSB Academy to serve in this unit. Many students prepare for admission to the Academy from grade 10 by taking preparatory courses at the Academy. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know future teachers better – after all, they will be taking your entrance exams.

How to access the FSB Academy
How to access the FSB Academy


Step 1

The essential admission requirements are a completed MBO or MBO education, an age of 16 to 24 years and an excellent physical condition. If you meet these requirements, you have every chance to enter the Academy. Contact the reception and write admission requests. Must do This no later than six months before the entrance exams. There you will receive extensive information about the faculties and the admission rules.

Step 2

After applying, the applicant must interview with the dean of the future faculty and a representative of the personnel department of the FSB of Russia. After that, a medical and psychophysiological examination is carried out at the place of residence at the medical service of the FSB of Russia.

Step 3

And the final stage of admission is written entrance examinations. They are conducted according to a secondary school curriculum of general education. Individuals who have graduated with an honours degree from a secondary vocational education institution with a gold, silver, bronze medal or public secondary vocational education institution are only required to take one exam. When they get the maximum positive grade, they are exempt from other exams and are enrolled in the Academy, and when they get different degrees, they pass the entrance exams like everyone else. For all other applicants, admission to the Academy will be competitive based on the number of points obtained during the entrance examinations and the Unified State Exam.

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