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The specialisms offered at the Railway Institute are always in demand because rail transport is necessary for all areas of life. Therefore, candidates with an inclination towards the humanities and the mathematical and natural sciences can enter it.

How to enter the railway institute?
How to enter the railway institute?


Step 1

Choose one or more specializations for admission to the railway institute: manager, economist, railway engineer, service specialist, etc.

Step 2

Take the exam at a public educational institution or take a test at the university itself. To get into the Railway Institute, you need to pass three exams. Most specialties require Russian and mathematics, and the third, depending on the thing chosen, could be social science, physics, history, literature, computer science, biology, geography, or a foreign language.

Step 3

The deadlines for passing the entrance examinations for the Railway Institute are stated in the selection committee and on the website. In some railway institutions, they must take the 3rd exam orally. 

Step 4

Submit the following documents to the Institute’s Admissions Office or by mail:

– a copy or original of the training certificate;

– a copy or original of the certificate with the results of the exam;

– a copy of your passport;

– 6 black and white photos 3×4 cm with a corner on the right.

Step 5

A separate package of all documents is required for each specialism. However, the originals can be handed in if you only want to go to the Railway Institute for one specialty.

Step 6

If the applicant has an electronic digital signature following the Federal Law of 10.01.2002 No. 1-FZ “On Electronic Digital Signature,” you can send documents by email.

Step 7

Discover the results of the competitive selection. If you are going to the Institute of Railway Transport for a budget place, hand over the originals of documents (if copies are supplied). If you are for paid education, pay for the first course of the required specialty and bring the sources with you. 

Step 8

I am waiting for admission to the railway institute. After registration, usually at the end of August, a student meeting is held to discuss the course program briefly. After that, the class schedule is posted, and the training begins.

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