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All students go through the stage where they have to do an internship and prove it existed. However, very few students know how to complete an exercise journal correctly. Incorrectly completed diary – these are unnecessary questions from the teacher. Many students generally don’t like to design and execute it or do it poorly. That’s why they have problems with teachers. All difficulties are, of course, solved, but the best solution would be a correctly filled diary from the beginning, while the memory still remembers the result of the work done.

How to fill in an internship diary
How to fill in an internship diary


Step 1

When filling in the “General information” section, you must provide all information about yourself. On the first page, they put their initials, the name of the faculty, their specialty, and their group. It also contains the name of the company where you started practicing and the manager’s initials with whom you practice at the company. Then, we immediately write the last name, first name, and surname of the person responsible for the internship you did from the department of your educational institution. Finally, the diary must contain all signatures and seals of the company, the date of arrival and the end of the Corps, and the date you arrived to practice.

Step 2

The second page is the intern’s column about the assigned position. This problem is solved at the internship location, taking into account the possibilities of a particular company. This is a plan for practicing what you are going to do. The “Individual work” section is easiest to put together as a table, which will contain columns about the number, the content of the work, deadlines, and a report. Try to clearly articulate the range of your work and define the form of the word. The information can be in free form: your observations, research, or even a developed program.

Step 3

The following few pages are your notes, painted in more detail. The last part is a review by two managers and a review of your practice by the company’s specialists. It all depends on the situation, the specialty you have chosen, and the wishes and recommendations that your head of training will give.

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